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Four Health Ways to Eat Dinner

First, eat less at dinner. Compared with breakfast and lunch, dinner should eat less. Because there are no other activities after dinner, if eating too much can cause raised cholesterol levels, stimulate the liver to produce more low-density and very low density lipoprotein, induced atherosclerosis. Long-term fed dinner, repeated stimulation of insulin secretion of a large number, often resulting in early failure of insulin B cells, thus planting the seeds of diabetes.

Second, eat early is better than late. Most of the family’s dinner time is at 7 o’clock. And some people never come home for dinner, every day after work began their “entertainment”, eating and drinking for hours. More people, who stay up late to work overtime, eat dinner and supper together and sleep immediately after eating. In fact, these bad habits can cause many diseases.

Generally, 4-5 hours after eating is the body of calcium emission peak, but according to most people’s living habits, this time has to go to bed to sleep. So urine remain in the ureter, bladder, urethra and other urinary tract and not be discharged in vitro, resulting in increased calcium in urine, easily deposited to form small crystals, over time, gradually increase the formation of stones.

Third, don’t eat oily dinner. According to scientific research, eating a lot of meat, eggs, milk and other high protein foods at dinner will increase the calcium in urine. On one hand, reducing the body’s calcium storage, induced rickets in children; on the other hand, high concentrations of calcium in urine, the possibility of suffering from urinary tract stones will be greatly enhanced.

Fourth, don’t eat snacks after dinner. Many people like to eat fruit, sweets or fried foods after dinner. In fact, this habit is not conducive to digestion. Others like to drink during meals, this is more of a bad habit, because too much alcohol in the nighttime hinder metabolism, stimulate the stomach to have no rest, leading to poor sleep. Therefore, try not to eat after dinner, so that to fully digest the food and reduce the burden of gastroenteritis.

Health experts recommend: you’d best not eating anything except water after eight o’clock at night.

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