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French Home And Garden Services

Home and Garden services
If you have bought a house in France and decided it to be your holiday home you will need someone to take care of your garden in-between your visits to France. You should also remember that in Brittany or Normandy the climate is very favourable and your grass will grow at an alarming rate due to the rain fall especially northern Brittany towards the Brest area.

It is good to know that in France you can generally buy a home with a good sized garden, remember if you will only use it for holidays and possibly for renting out then when you don’t use it you will have to get the garden maintained.

Hiring a gardener once or twice a year to trim your jungle may seem a way out but it’s a trap too many people fall into. According to factual evidence it is better to get it done on a regular basis. Firstly you won’t have to search for a good gardener every time you need him; secondly he will only spend an hour cutting instead of a whole day if not more.

Disposing of garden rubbish
If you decided to care for your garden by yourself you should know that it is unallowable to burn your garden rubbish if you live in the centre of the town, so you must take it to your local decheterie. But if you hire a gardener you can, of course, arrange with him about that. The case is somewhat different if you live in the countryside. Here you are allowed bonfires on certain days but you need to check at the Marie as all communes are different.

In order not to be trapped or be brought to trial you should remember that it is illegal to hire someone on the ‘black’. If you are caught you will be in more trouble than him. When hiring a gardener or garden services from a company always ask to see their insurance as well as their serial number.

Usually when people choose a new house to buy they want it to have land, but you need to remember that a large amount of land means a lot of work and expense. Moreover there are some laws you have to know about, so it’s advisable checking them out at your local Marie otherwise you can get into trouble. For example, purple thistles have to be cut down on your land before a certain date, before they flower. You can end up with a heavy fine if you don’t remember this.

Even if you decided to care for your garden by yourself you may still need some help from time to time of gardening services. For example it will be very handy to cope with any heavy work that you may not be able to do single-handed. You can find them in the local press or at the many French classified websites that offer services that you need.

It will be interesting to know that the weather in Brittany and Normandy is very similar to the Uk weather, that means that you can grow the same things in your French garden, especially vegetables can be grown very easily. If you have a property down south then of course you can grow more sub-tropical plants.

French Classified can recommend you many dependable France garden services and it is up to you to decide which one is more suitable for you.

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