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Get Best Home Remedies for Muscular Cramps

Muscular cramp is the condition of painful sensation caused by extra stretching or extra contraction of muscles.The muscular cramp causes problems for a person in sitting, walking or stretching the part of body which is affected by the cramp. Generally these cramps occur in the leg portion. The cramp occurs when there is narrowing of blood vessels which hampers proper blood circulation resulting in pain in the particular area. There is no particular medicine for preventing the cramp so home remedies prove good method preventing the muscular cramp.

The following home remedies can be used to treat the muscular cramps:

1. The loss in electrolyte and dehydration in body is the main cause behind the muscular cramps, so intake of water or other rehydrating fluids can help a lot in increasing the fluid constituent of the body but the fluids like alcohol or caffeine do not help in rehydration of body and they may even have adverse effect on the body. Drinking water also flushes toxins from the body as toxins are also have a major role in initiating muscular cramps and also have side effects like toxemia.

2. The footwear used should have proper shape and should provide proper support to the body as improper footwear may enhance the chances of cramp.

3. The food like corn, pulses, oranges, broccoli, banana, raisins, fish, grapes, potatoes, dates etc. can help a lot in preventing muscular cramps.

4. Lightly massaging the area of muscular cramp may give relieve to it and some soothing balm should be used for massaging. The massaging should also be done in the natural direction of the muscle. The Rumatone Gold oil is good for the relaxation of cramps.

5. The appropriate supply of calcium in the diet should be there though milk has a good constituent of calcium and it also has lots of potassium content but supplement having calcium is appropriate for preventing muscular cramps.

6. Having shower or bath with hot water would help a lot in relaxing the cramp in the muscles but the temperature of the water should as hot as bearable.

7. Hot and cold treatment can also be helpful in treating the muscular cramp. It can be done by applying the ice on the cramp area and when the area becomes red which indicates that the cells are trying to increase the temperature of the muscles, and then hot water pad is applied which will relax the muscles.

8. Intake of bathu juice daily in empty stomach is helpful in preventing the occurrence of cramps.

9. Supplements having multi vitamin and minerals are helpful in relaxing the muscles having cramp. These can also be found in foods but the supplements should be taken only after consulting a doctor as they can also have some side effects and only appropriate dosage should be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

The muscular cramp can be prevented from occurring by doing regular exercise and yoga. Certain herbs are also helpful in the case of cramp, which are clove, pepper, ginger, kantakari, liquorice etc.

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