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Getting Your Kids Involved In Art At A Young Age

Kids have a natural curiosity when it comes to art. Any parent of a toddler knows the destruction a toddler can cause with a crayon or a marker – no wall or carpet is safe! The trick, however, if to find a way to harness this natural curiosity and to foster it into a love of art.

Art is a wonderful means of expression and a magnificent hobby for kids to explore. In order to get your youngster involved in art at an early age, you need to take a few simple steps.

First, sit down with your kids and show them how to use the various art mediums. Demonstrate how mixing colors together results in new colors. Show your child how to smooth clay or add texture to it. Give your child a chance to freely explore these art media in protected area where you won’t have to worry about the mess your child will make.

In addition to allowing your child to explore the various art media, you also need to expose your child to the work of others. You don’t need to go to an art museum to accomplish this. In fact, you can take a stroll down the hallways in your local school and you will likely see several examples of artwork created by the children of the school. Seeing the work of other youngsters is likely to inspire your youngster to try to create some create artwork as well.

Once you have sparked your child’s interest in art appreciation, it is time to make plans to visit a museum or gallery. Make a fun day of this outing and don’t try to fit in all of the displays. Rushing from one piece of art to the next can become tiresome for a youngster and may even start to become boring. Prevent this from occurring by selecting a few specific displays that you feel your child would enjoy. Or, break the day up into sections that allow your child to blow off some steam and have a little fun between display visits. Otherwise, your child may become a bit antsy and will view art as a chore rather than an important part of his or her life.

To make the art museum experience even more fun, challenge your child to try to recreate some of his or her favorite pieces. You might allow your child to draw a sketch of his or her chosen pieces or you can take pictures of certain pieces with the understanding that you will take them home and try to recreate them. With the goal of finding inspiring works in mind, your child will view your visit as an exciting adventure – just as art should be viewed!

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