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Giving Green Holiday Gifts–7 Green Gifts That Will Keep on Giving

Are you looking for green gift ideas for holiday giving because you want to rethink giving and receiving gifts that are really not needed (and often not wanted)?

Well regardless of whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa or life every day, here are 7 green gift ideas that will really make a difference to the person receiving them and to the environment as a whole.

Cloth Napkins–Beautiful organic cloth napkins are a green and reusable alternative to paper napkins. Give napkins that match a color scheme, china pattern, or ones that are seasonal in flavor (no pun intended). Pull out your sewing machine and make something with your own hands. It is likely to mean more than something that is store bought.

Rechargeable Batteries–Over 3 billion disposal batteries are purchased in the U. S. each year. Giving batteries that can be used again and again saves money and the environment. This would greatly reduce the number of batteries in landfills that contain chemicals like cadmium and mercury.

Subscription to a Green Magazine–Living green can at first seem like a lot of redoing of processes that are already working in our homes and offices. A subscription to a green magazine can make it easy and fun to change old habits to ones that will benefit the environment.

A Bicycle–Giving a bicycle is real fuel saver, and an energy producer for the person who uses it. Saves gas money and time on commutes to the gym for adults, and provides a free activity for families with children. A gift certificate from a store that sells a variety of bikes is a great way to give the recipient the most options.

Tote Bags–Think how many trees would be saved if each time you shopped at the grocery store, drug store, or visited the library you had your own reusable bag. Get creative and decorate your own, or buy one that supports a favorite cause of the person who will use it.

Living Tree–A living tree is the perfect gift for a gardener, or for an elderly person that wants something small for a table. The tree will continue to benefit the environment long after the holiday season is gone whether it remains inside or is planted outside. Before deciding on a tree, make sure you ask about the space available in their yard and their likes and dislikes. Make sure that they are able to exchange the tree within a reasonable time period if they should prefer another one.

Air Purifier–Give an air purifier to improve indoor air quality. Home and office air is often recycled and becomes stale and polluted. Giving a high efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) air purifier is a non-invasive and environmentally friendly way to improve health and overall quality of life. What better gift that that of clean air?

Want to give 43,800 hours of clean air as a gift this year? See how to do that at