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Giving Innovation a Voice

Today, I spent an hour coaching a technical professional on the best way to pitch an innovative idea to his Director. He was promoting opening a new service centre in a specific location overseas.

As we sorted out the hierarchy and flow of his presentation points, tweaked the language and brought consistency to the slide format, I came to realize this fellow’s idea really had merit.

The location he was promoting sits in the centre of a major multi-national market, and a local operation would save his organization time and money in shipping. The local population possesses the superior technical expertise required – at one-tenth of the cost of their North American counterparts.

As an added advantage, a service hub in this region would stimulate and support sales in a market that has already shown an appetite for his organization’s product category. Talk about win-win!

Stories like these surface every day in Gandy’s Business English classes. Talented employees with international perspective are learning to voice their innovative ideas with increasing confidence – to the benefit of their organizations. Today, as I worked alongside my client to fine tune his fascinating presentation, it gave me great satisfaction to hear his ideas coming through loud and clear.

Rob Leonituk facilitates Effective Communication Training and Communications Training Courses in the greater Toronto area for Gandy Associates.