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Glucosamine For Dogs With Arthritis

Have you noticed your older dog having trouble climbing stairs or jumping onto or off of the furniture lately? If so, it could be that your four-legged friend is suffering from what is called dog osteoarthritis. Canines are vulnerable to the same type of joint disease that often attacks humans in their older age. Glucosamine for dogs has been found to significantly help those canine suffering from this debilitating joint disease.

Although it is not possible to cure or stop the progression of joint arthritis in dogs, it is possible to ease the symptoms and decrease the amount of pain the canines suffer from due to the degeneration of joint tissue. One of the best and all-natural supplementation products that are widely used by pet owners is glucosamine for dogs. People use the same type of glucosamine to treat their arthritic symptoms also.

As our pets age, the joint tissue that helps prevent the balls in the sockets in the joints from rubbing together begins to degenerate. This in fact is the definition for osteoarthritis. As the degeneration progresses, the bones may be allowed to actually touch and rub together which in turn causes pain. This painful condition is the result of the many nerve endings with in the bone tissue itself that causes the pain. Many people do not realize that bones are in fact living tissue and contain countless nerve endings which are highly sensitive when rub together.

If the disease is allowed to progress and the degeneration continues and becomes more severe and causes more pain to the canines. Glucosamine for dogs actually provides the body with the necessary building blocks which it uses to repair and restore this cartilage tissue that is been damaged by the joint disease. And because this building process takes some time, the benefits of using glucosamine for dogs are not always seen immediately. Actually, the process of regeneration can take anywhere from several weeks to several months before benefits are seen from using the dog glucosamine.

It’s very important for pet owners to understand that the supplementation process has to be continued long enough in order to see results. Too many people begin giving the dog the glucosamine for several weeks and then discontinue it when they do not see any positive benefits. When in fact, the glucosamine for dogs was working behind the scenes and allowing the body to take those building blocks to repair and rebuild the cartilage tissue which protects the bones in the joints.

It depends on the breed of dog and also the severity of the disease as to how long it will take before the supplement product begin showing positive effects. Only in very few cases are there no positive effects seen after using the glucosamine for dogs for several months. In almost all cases there will be some positive benefits associated with using the supplementation. Some breeds may show miraculous results in only a few weeks. Other dogs may take several months to see only minor results. Nonetheless, it’s very important that a dog owner understands that there is a building process occurring within the joints and as with any bodily process this can take time.

Glucosamine for dogs can be purchased in the liquid form which makes it very easy for owners to simply pour over the dogs feed at meal time. Whether the animal is fed a drive food or a canned food, the liquid supplement of glucosamine can simply be poured onto the food and the dog be allowed to eat the food along with the glucosamine. This is much simpler than trying to do the supplementation by giving the dog pills or tablets.

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