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Glucosamine for Treating Canine Arthritis Safely

Just as with humans, arthritis can affect our canine friends. Most often, you’ll notice the effects of this degenerative joint disease when the animal begins having difficulty climbing or descending stairs and steps. You may also see your pet having difficulty upon raising from a lying position. Many times the animal will let out small groans and grunts when moving from one position to another. Animals handle pain quite differently than humans and even a small grunt can be an indication of quite severe pain in the animal.

It should be pointed out that there is no cure for arthritis either in humans or in canines. All that can be done is to eliminate some of the issues that aggravates the condition and also provide supplement products that may in fact help the body restore some of the damaged tissue resulting from the arthritic conditions. Because glucosamine for canine arthritis is one of the all-natural supplements that many people used to treat dog arthritis with. It’s highly effective in both people and in canines for treating this joint disease.

There are several versions of glucosamine for canines which can be purchased at online retailers or at local pet stores and veterinarians. Generally, the glucosamine for dogs comes in either the liquid form or in pills and tablets. Pet owners have found that the liquid version of glucosamine for dogs is much easier to provide the supplement with to the animal. Giving pills or tablets to dogs can sometimes be a trying experience to say the least. But with a liquid form of glucosamine for canines it’s a simple matter of pouring the supplement product over the canines feed at meal time and allowing him or her to simply eat the food along with the glucosamine supplement. This makes it far easier to provide the necessary milligrams daily of the glucosamine.

Although there are prescription medications that veterinarians sometimes provide canines who are suffering from joint arthritis, these medicines simply act to mask the pain and don’t actually 80 animal in rebuilding their damaged joint tissues. Glucosamine on the other hand, provides the body with the necessary building blocks that it then uses to rebuild and regenerate damaged tissues within the joint. If the cartilage in a joint becomes damaged and too thin, then the bones within the joint are allowed to rub together during movement. If this happens, there can be significant pain as the nerve endings within the bones rub together.

There are virtually no side effects which animals suffer when taking glucosamine. It’s all-natural and completely safe and contains all the building blocks the cartilage uses to repair itself. Although some animals do not show significant benefits from using the supplement, there are others who show Barak you list results in a very short amount of time. Usually only a couple of weeks up to a couple months are all that are required to see great benefit and reduce pain within the joints.

However, if it is found that glucosamine for canine arthritis is beneficial to the animal, it is not something that can be stopped. If the supplementation process is neglected, the pain of arthritis will simply return to the animal as it originally was. In fact, it can be expected that arthritis will continue to progress in the animal as it ages. As an animal owner, all you can do is provide your pet with as much help in slowing the progression down as possible.

Again, it can take several months of daily doses of glucosamine for dogs before significant pain relief is experienced by the animal. It’s very important to not give up on the process until at least two or three months of a test trial has been completed. Too many owners simply give up after two or three weeks of supplementation when they do not see immediate results. Remember that the body is working hard to rebuild that damaged tissue and that can take time.

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