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Glucosamine Sulfate For Treating Osteoarthritis in Dogs

While most dogs do not suffer debilitating arthritis until they are past 10 years old, the disease usually progresses during most dog’s later years of life. Glucosamine sulfate is a totally natural supplementation product that many pet owners have found to be highly effective for treating osteoarthritis in canines. And since the arthritis that dogs suffer from is exactly identical to the form of the joint disease found in humans, glucosamine sulfate also is a very popular supplement for the human version of arthritis.

Unlike its prescribed medication counterparts, sulfate of glucosamine can be used safely without the worry of any dangerous side effects. It is an all-natural product found in nature that the body uses to naturally restore and regenerate the tissue within the joints. Glucosamine sulfate is the building block for the cartilage tissue that is used by the body to cushion the bones in joints. As arthritis progresses, it has the effect of the generating this tissue and allowing the bones to touch and rub together. Since bones have nerve endings within them, this can be very painful, and this is the reason joint arthritis is painful.

Glucosamine sulfate can be purchased in almost any health food store and that many online retailers. It comes in both pill and tablet forms and also liquid. Many canine owners prefer the liquid version of the supplement because it is far easier to give their animals a daily dose of the supplementation product compared to having to give them pills or tablets. Anyone who has tried giving a dog tablets or pills understands why the liquid version of glucosamine sulfate is so popular. One simply has to poor the daily dosage for the animal over his or her food at meal time. The dog then consumes the supplement product will eating his food.

Although cats may be somewhat finicky when it comes to placing anything onto their food, dog simply do not care or even seem to notice the supplement product when it’s poured over top of their food. The glucosamine sulfate does not act immediately in relieving the pain of joint arthritis in canines. It simply does not hide or cover up the pain as do the prescription medications that veterinarians often prescribed. Instead, it takes time to rebuild the damaged tissue caused by the arthritis within the joints. This can take anywhere from several weeks to several months of daily dosages of liquid glucosamine sulfate before the benefits of using the product can be seen.

In most cases there will be a positive effects experienced by the animal who is suffering from osteoarthritis after consuming the glucosamine for at least a number of months. One issue that pet owners should be aware of is that giving up on the product to same is one of the main reasons for it not to work. One must absolutely give the product enough time to actually allow the body to use the glucosamine sulfate to rebuild and regenerate all the damaged areas in the tissues in the joints. Nothing could be worse than using a product that could really help an animal but only quit it too soon.

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