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Glucose Monitor: A Diabetics Gauge To Correct Insulin Levels

Many diabetics, in particular ones with type 1 diabetes will have the need for a glucose monitor to measure how much glucose (sugar) is in their blood so they can replenish themselves with the correct amount of insulin that they need. It is important for these levels to be kept in balance so as to prevent and or reduce the risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar).

Every diabetic will however, have his or her own program to follow that is specifically designed for their use only. This means everyone needs different levels of treatment. Before using a glucose monitor the diabetic patient will be educated in how to use this equipment and of course how often to do the checking. It is extremely important to have been taught this as misusing or misreading these measurements could be life threatening to them.

To use one of these machines you should always wash and dry your hands thoroughly first and then use the lancet to prick a fingertip. It is a good idea to then hold your hand downwards and hold the pricked finger until a small drop of blood appears, then catch the blood with the test strip. Then you follow the instructions of your monitor for inserting the test strip into the meter. After you have your results and you have recorded it you then will know how much insulin you need to give yourself.

Your instructions will also tell you how to clean and store your meter. Make sure that you do follow these instructions, as it is important to have your monitor working in perfect order every time.

Finding quality monitors to suit your individual needs is quite easy. You have the option of buying one through the medical center you are already dealing with or you can take a look online at the many companies that sell direct to you. You will find a large variety of options to choose from along with great bargain prices. While you are doing that why not take the time to read all the information you can about diabetes such as the symptoms, treatments and much more on the many sites online.

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