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Go out when Confidence Comes

David and Sebastian have already experienced ten years and created a new lifestyle. They was influenced by the Asian philosophy and decided to shift the own belief from combating with negative force to flowing like water. After that he chose to use his own conception and create new philosophy based on the conception of freedom. Sebastien has been conveying his own philosophy and promoting parkour all the time and now he became one of the international spokesmen of parkour. Sebastien once said that nothing was developed by somebody and you just were ignited and sometimes you could promote yourself. Sebastien is the founder of the conception of parkour. David joined in a team, YAMAKASI in the previous time and finally he chose to leave. And the reason lies in his different idea from others. YAMAKASI means to develop the potential of human beings and enlighten the limit of body and mind and it is also a kind of philosophy. At the meanwhile it can help people exercise their minds and bodies. As for the motive to found the YAMAKASI, it is natural and developed according to the nature. These seven people knew each other in childhood and when they play, run and jump together, they began to explore the limit of body together. One of these people said these words. The only aim for us to do this body training is to strengthen bodies to protect family members and not to fight with others.
The coordination of body is very important and it also needs talents. If you are born with good coordination, you will have a high starting point than others. But if you are not, there is a little troublesome and you need spend some time on exercising coordination.
Energy is indispensable that means if your energy can not meet the demands of body you will stay at certain stage and can not get progressed at all. The energy of shoulders, ass, backs and legs needs exercising.
Jumping is not a necessary quality but it will do a lot of help to this sport. What we need most is encouragement because we all have a mind of fear. While the fact is that your body is likely to get hurt if you are nervous. Except defeating the fear, you also need exercising in indoor training gym and similar places because these places equipped with cushion and you can do all kinds of exercise and are not likely to get hurt. After you find your confidence, you can go out and do real exercise.
Now I will introduce requirements of some simple actions and exercising methods. The requirement toward ligament, the most important project, is in terms of arms and wrist especially legs. The jumping ability can be exercised by the use of leapfrog. And you can jump from low to high and from near to far and also need the accurate landing. The project that emphasizes the sense of distance very much is immediate rise after landing. After people land on the ground from far or high place, he needs to continue another action.

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