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Going For Cotton Or Polyester Boxershorts?

The decision regarding the ideal fabric for boxershorts involves more aspects than you would think at first glance. Nowadays, there is a vast array of fabrics to choose from, even though the most popular options are still polyester and cotton. Both materials have their plus sides and their downsides and in the end, it all boils down to selecting the one that incorporates the features you consider important. Whether the wearer favors comfort above all or he is looking for durability or maybe facile cleaning, the fabric of the boxershorts plays a role equally important to the size and cut. Let’s take a look at how the polyester and cotton score in a head to head match.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that while cotton is an all-natural fabric extracted from the cotton plant, polyester is fabricated from petroleum by-products. Therefore, in terms of comfort levels, the cotton boxershorts are superior to their polyester counterparts, because they facilitate skin breathing and are capable of better absorption of the perspiration.

At the same time, the higher levels of sweat absorption allow the shorts to mitigate unpleasant odors and virtually eliminate chafing. Cotton boxer shorts are also deemed as a superior choice for individuals with sensitive skin who constantly experience irritations in the genital area.

With regards to the production costs and impact on the environment, both polyester and cotton score similarly. In other words, while producing the polyester requires higher quantities of energy and the prime materials are not renewable (E.G. petroleum, antimony and others), cotton farmlands require fertilizers that are generally comprised of petroleum products and massive amounts of water to clean and rinse the fibers. The price of the boxershorts will ultimately depend on the brand and the design, but it cannot be said the process of manufacturing the fibers is different when you quantify the magnitude of the environmental impact.

Higher durability is, on average, a characteristic proprietary to polyester boxers. The engineering of the polyester fibers can effectively slow down the wear and tear by comparison to standard cotton boxer shorts. The exception in this case comes from high-end quality boxer shorts made from cotton fibers such as pima or the models constructed with resilience in mind. Substantially more expensive than polyester, these fibers are expected to take a beating before you need to replace the undergarment inventory in your wardrobe.

But how about cleaning ease? The nature of the polyester fibers will require you to use a lower amount of water because the moisture absorption of this fabric is reduced. On the other hand, washing the cotton boxershorts necessitates more detergent and water, which makes drying your underwear a lengthier process. In addition, unlike the polyester shorts, the cotton boxers are prone to shrinking if washed in an improper manner (E.G. excessively hot water). Ensuring that the cotton boxers do not shrink, the ideal cleaning method involves using cold water and allowing them to dry naturally (air dry). These are the basic features to account for when deciding whether you should opt for polyester or cotton fiber underwear.

Choosing the right kind of boxershorts is always important for a man’s comfort so make sure that you research well to land the best underwear!