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Going To Quit Smoking? You Must Understand This To Be Successful

To succesfully stop smoking you must first understand why it is difficult for most of us.

The human brain is a near-perfect learning machine. It is automatically wired to store learnt processes and it’s a multi – purpose tool. The proof of this assertion is that there are literally millions of things that you once had to learn to do that you now do automatically without having to think about them.

That learning process is fascinating in itself. When you first learnt something, the learning was conscious and you really had to concentrate. You had to practise. Remember how you took the wheel of a car for the first time. You had to learn how to use the clutch and accelerator properly, how to reach to the biting point and to control the acceleration. You had to learn the mirror and indicator disciplines, and how to change gears. After a while your driving became automatic, and today you can drive without having to think about all those things. This is because as soon as you had learnt these exercises they were filed away in your unconscious mind in the place where you keep all learnt processes.

A vault was built around them to protect them and to make sure that you didn’t forget how to drive. With this information stored away neatly in the big unconscious department, you could free your conscious mind so that you could think about something else.

The millions of things you once learnt consciously to do and which you now do unconsciously and automatically include tying your shoelaces, swimming, walking and perhaps riding a bicycle. After you learnt to do those things they were stored, like driving a car, in the unconscious part of your mind and protected by that virtual fortress, ensuring that they were part of you. There is no thinking about them, no forgetting them.

Your brain is highly efficient and practical. After all, it wouldn’t do to forget how to walk or swim. Imagine being in the middle of a swimming pool and suddenly forgetting how to swim, or talking to a shop assistant and suddenly forgetting how to talk. That kind of thing doesn’t happen because learnt processes are stored and protected in your unconscious mind. There is one snag. There had to be, didn’t there? Your unconscious doesn’t distinguish between good and evil, or positive and negative. It stores and protects all learnt processes in the same way.

And as you know, you learnt how to smoke and how to hold a cigarette, how to inhale and how to exhale. You learnt how many cigarettes to smoke a day. Just like the ability to drive, these learnt processes became stored in your unconscious mind so that you could smoke without thinking about it. These also become stored and protected in the vault that is your unconscious.

You added to this smoking knowledge too, didn’t you? Along the way you made associations between your smoking and other situations, events or activities building up repetitive patterns in your everyday life. You may have always smoked with coffee and tea, while you were on the phone, during or after a meal, in the car, before a task, after a task, at certain times and with certainfriends. As with everything else you had learnt, these became patterns of behaviour that were stored side by side with smoking in your unconscious mind. The result was that when you did A or B you automatically had a cigarette without even thing about it. There can be no doubt in your mind now that your smoking and whatever goes with it are learnt and ingrained in you.

To stop smoking successfully you must understand this.

Douglass Grahame. I had been quitting smoking for over 30 years! The smoking habit is stored in our unconscious mind. To succesfully quit smoking you first have to unlock that unconscious part of your brain.