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Google’s doorway to netbooks stream

“Search” is the right word for Google, but with the marvelous growth in Netbooks market, the search engine giant Google Inc, is also planning to come into the race of netbooks. No doubt, the netbooks will base upon Google’s own operating system “Chrome”.

According to the analysts, the combination of netbook and Chrome operating system is designed to provide a fast lightweight computing experience to its users.

Google is working with several companies to develop devices around the new Chrome Operating System, including Hewlett-Packard and Acer. Among the mobile phone chip developers, Google has formed a nexus with Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Freescale Semiconductor. Although, Intel was not among the partner-companies earlier declared, but the chipmaker has claimed that it has been working with Google on its upcoming operating system.

According to Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management at Google, the netbook will have following marvelous features.
Ease of usage
The chief aphorism of the company is user’s ease & comfort and to attest the same, the Chrome OS Netbooks will have slightly larger keyboards and screens than some of the current models for sale.

Processor and memory

Chrome OS will run on either x86 or ARM processors, which can be easily upgraded. But, the users are not supposed to change drives based off of flash memory, apparently for performance and reliability reasons. More so, users need not to use a great deal of memory because Chrome OS is designed to start most data in the cloud with very little local storage. Other features include faster boot time and a better security profile along with fast graphics.

Networking issues

These Netbooks will be designed with 802.11n Wi-Fi chips and 3G/4G wireless appeal. For instance WiMax is other conceivable option by Google. The company is planning to sale Chrome OS Netbooks along with two-year wireless data contracts, or some newer form of open access to those networks.

Pricing and availability

The company head had not said anything about the pricing, but for sure users will get chrome netbooks in very genuine price as netbooks based upon its own operating system unlike the other models in the market pay Microsoft for Windows-based Netbooks. The netbook is supposed to hit the market till the year-end 2010.