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GPS – A Complete Review

A global Position System (GPS) device is one of the hottest selling gadgets in the world of technology. Originally developed for military purposes, the ultra advanced system determines your exact location, speed of travel, elevation and other data with the help of over two dozen satellites orbiting our planet.

If you are looking to buy one of these hi-tech gadgets then it is likely that you will be spoilt for choice. With so many models available in the market today it is always hard to zero in on that particular device that makes your life a little simpler. So let us find out what you need to look for when you go out shopping for your GPS device.

Most of us use GPS to aid us in driving. These compact devices can be placed in your car and they will not only tell you where you are and need to go but will also give you turn-by-turn instructions. If you are looking for driving solutions as well, then you need to consider these three main types of GPS devices: Standalone, Software based and a Personal Navigation Device.

Standalone systems are considered as one of the most reliable GPS devices till date. These gadgets are fully equipped to navigate you from your point of departure to your destination. You can choose from a number of manufacturers who sell these systems in the market today. The best feature of a standalone system is that it is fully dedicated to one thing – Navigation. So unlike PDA’s and smart phones, a standalone system’s efficiency is not compromised due to the presence of other software.

Most GPS buyers opt for a software based system as it offers GPS functions at a budget friendly price. In case you are interested in this option then all you need is a PDA or a smart phone that supports the software. These devices must also have a GPS receiver. While this software may not offer all the functions of a standalone system they are still very handy since they double up as another device such as a phone.

A Personal Navigation Device (PND) is for the most part a standalone system with a few extra features thrown in. While the GPS function remains the unique selling point (USP) of this product, features like music playing, movies, games etc make it a popular choice. These gadgets are compact in size and are usually available at very attractive prices.

Another useful feature that is available in almost all GPS devices is what they call Points of Interest. This database enlists a number of services ranging from gas stations to cash points, restaurants, grocery stores etc that shows up on your map. So whenever you are in a hurry you can quickly find your way to the nearest service you need without wasting any time.

The technology in this field is being constantly upgraded and now GPS devices can navigate you even if you are just walking. These road maps are not only accurate but also suggest the shortest walking routes to your destination which are different from driving routes.

A GPS device is a wonderful piece of equipment that not only saves you a lot of time and money but also doubles up as your very own on-demand personal guide.

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