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Grandma Passes, But Stays With Me

“It was always a dream of mine to ride a train from one coast of the U.S. to the other. The idea of being on a train for several days was inspiring. I eventually committed and began to plan my dream train trip. The trip would begin in Indiana and finish in Washington. A friend from the past lives in Washington and wants me to stay with her for a few weeks. Well, as my trip wrapped up, a family emergency forced me to start looking for a way to head all the way home. A friend of mine had some Expedia coupons handy, so we purchased some plane tickets right away.

I was thinking it would be a huge chunk of change because I got my tickets so last minute. I would have bet the farm that there was no way that this would be a reasonable price. The flight ended up running me a little less than what a round trip ticket would have cost me had I just flown out from the beginning. It was surprisingly cheap compared to what I had thought it would set me back.

In all reality, it didn’t really matter what it cost. Getting home quickly was my first priority. My grandma had suffered an aneurysm and was unconscious at the hospital. In fact, no one in our family really knew if it had been an aneurysm or something else. This is what the medical specialists had named it though. Our family only knew that she had lost consciousness, after she had mentioned that she was not feeling well. Since that time, she has been unconscious.

I made it back into Indiana later that same day that I had finally touched down in Washington. It felt odd to go on a three day expedition, and then be back home in a few hours. I was able to make it back to grandma and spend the night with her. I was animated and still alert despite all of the travel.

Even though my grandma ended up dying, I got to be there to hold her hand while she crossed over. It is a great feeling knowing that I could make it home so quickly. It was a surprise that I could book an airplane ticket so fast. I had always thought you had to plan for weeks in advance in order to travel. I get uncommon feelings sometimes, like I can feel Grandma’s spirit and that she is traveling with me through life. She will always inhabit me, no matter where I go.”

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