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Grandmas Favorite Homemade Facials

Women have been caring for their skin long before facials became common place and back in Grandmas time only the very wealthy had the money for fancy skin treatments.

So what did Grandma use for great facials?

She turned to her kitchen cupboards of course! Using homemade recipes and natural ingredients can work wonders on your skin and are non toxic and don’t harm the environment either. Not to mention the break they’ll give your wallet.

Here’s some great home remedies you can use to have youthful, glowing skin:

Eggs – Honey – Sour Cream. It may sound like the makings of a good coffee cake, but If you have dry skin this facial can work wonders for you. Mix one egg yolk, two tablespoons sour cream and one teaspoon of honey. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply to your skin. Leave on for fifteen minutes then rinse off with warm water.

Milk Of Magnesia. Grandma always said she bought so much Milk Of Magnesia because she had an ulcer, but now I know it was really her secret facial remedy! Believe it or not, this is a very effective cleanser and makes a great facial mask. Pour some Milk of Magnesia into a bowl and use cotton balls to dab on your face. Avoid the area around your eyes. Leave on for 10 minutes. Wet a face cloth with warm water and scrub the face to remove. Use a good natural moisturizer after to really leave your skin with a healthy glow.

Oatmeal – Honey – Lemon Juice. These three things mixed together make a great facial mask for anyone who has oily skin. Just mix them up and slather on your face. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Almonds – Witch Hazel. No, I’m not nuts – ground almonds and witch hazel make a great facial paste for normal skin. Chop the almonds up until they are very fine and mix ½ cup with enough witch hazel to make a paste. Apply to your face and leave on for fifteen minutes. Gently wipe the paste off with a cloth and then rinse your face with warm water.

Taking care of your skin is important to look and feel your best. While there are a lot of manufactured products out there, for the most part, these natural facials work just as good without using toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals so next time you feel like a great facial, you only need to go as far as your kitchen cupboard!

Lee Dobbins writes for where you can find more natural and herbal home remedies.