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Grandpa’s Cabin Is More Fun Because Of Hummingbird Fish Finders

Like many other families from Southern Ontario and Upstate New York, our family owns a lakeside cottage in Ontario, north of Toronto. Shared by my extended family, the cottage was built by my grandfather, his 3 boys, and a couple of his friends. Grandpa’s concept that a “family that plays together stays together”. My grandfather was raised in the Great Depression, and my grandfather was aware of the benefits of having a debt free retreat. Today, the cottage is sustained by his grandchildren.

At the cottage, Activities, include swimming, water skiing, canoeing, sailing and, especially, angling. I’m not sure if my grandfather would approve, but angling was greatly enhanced after we bought two Hummingbird fish finders, 1 for each of the boats we have. The Hummingbird Fish Finders almost completely ensured that we will trap many fish during every trip.

The cottage is located on an island near the shallower end of the lake. In this part of the lake, there is excellent bass, perch and sunfish angling. The Hummingbird Fish Finder often locates schools of fish directly off the Eastern most point of the island. The Hummingbird Fish Finder is wonderful since it acutely differentiates between fish, grasses and tree branches that are scattered at the lake’s bottom at this place.

Other locations of the lake feature deeper waters. In these locations, there are bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, and Muskies. It is very exciting when we witness 2 or 3 muskies zoom by the Hummingbird fish finder. All of us start hootin’ and hollerin’ and we try our best to get a bait more appropriate for one of those monsters ready on our lines.

Not that we’d ever need it on our tiny lake, but our Hummingbird Fish Finder has a very cool GPS feature as well. The Hummingbird fish finder has other cool options also, including a crystal clear display, great mounting capabilities. It was simple to set up additionally!

The model identifiers of the Humming bird fish finders that we own are:

Hummingbird Fish Finder 407890-1 Fishfinder 586c HD. The most important features include:
? Color, High Definition 4.5″ 640×480 display
? DualBeam PLUS w/SwitchFire, 2400 Watts PtP, 83/200 kHz
? 1000ft depth capability

The other one we own is the Humminbird Fish Finder 407910-1 Fishfinder 596c HD. The most important options include:
? The highest resoltution, five inch color display on the market at 640×640 pixels
? DualBeam PLUS w/SwitchFire, 4000 Watts PtP, 83/200 kHz
? 1200ft depth capability

When we fish with the Hummingbird Fish Finder and the Berkley Fishing products we use, no fish stands a chance! We use Berkley fishing line, Berkley fishing baits, Berkley fishing attractants and Berkley fishing reels. Berkley fishing products are simple to use, and their attractants are particularly useful when trying to reel in the big bass we delight in catching and devouring. We have a lot of luck with the Berkely fishing Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shaky Shads three inch.

Other Berkley fishing items that we really favor include the Trilene fishing line and the Berkly fishing Wire – wound leaders. The Berkley Trilene fishing line is durable enough to catch the largest fish on the lake, and the Berkley fishing wire-wound leaders never get twisted or tangled.

I am very grateful for my grandfather’s for foresight and am looking forward to summer break at the cottage.

Obtain Hummingbird Fish Finders at: Hummingbird Fish Finder Purchase Berkley Fishing products at Berkley Gulp!