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Grid Inter Tied With Free Energy System – Let Us Learn The Basics

Copyright (c) 2010 Orlando Racelis

At this time there might be numerous residence owners who are now capable of generating their own zero cost electrical power from the free energy system. They had also inter tied their own power source with the electric power company’s power grid system. They receive kilowatt hour credits from the power service provider whenever they send back their excess electricity back to the grid. I am sure you will be interested to learn how to do that too is it not?

The power source of a free energy system could originate from a radiant energy generator, from a magnetic power generator, from a solar cell panel or even from a wind power generator. With the help of advance technology, these free energy systems could possibly produce more power such that an ordinary family could be generating excess electricity. Once your energy device could produce more energy than what you required, you can add a back up battery to store it for later use. You also have the option to sell your extra power to your electric company.

A free energy system utilizes simple energy generation methods. In the case of a radiant energy generator, it harnesses electromagnetic waves from the air or even from the ground and then converts it into electricity. The other system is the application of magnetic power generation wherein it uses a special kind of magnet to create electricity. Another method is the use of a solar power system wherein the sunlight is converted into electricity with the use of photovoltaic cell panel. Last but not the least is the use wind power system where electricity is produced whenever there is sufficient wind that rotates the blades of the wind turbine.

If you are one of those who are now generating enough power from your homemade energy power system and has not yet inter connected with the utility company’s power grid, then it is now the right time to consider it. With this kind of arrangement, your power meter will not be registering additional load as long as your supplied power is coming from your own energy source. As a matter of fact, you could even make the meter move backwards. This could happen only when you are delivering extra power to your utility company’s power grid. The process is called as net metering or net billing, and could provide you cash money or credit, depending on the policy of your electric utility company.

The fact is, it is quite easy to inter tie your free energy system with the power grid. It will just require some additional auxiliary gadgets. All you have to do is to connect the output of your energy device with an auxiliary device called Array DC Disconnect. Then terminate its output to the inverter’s input. From the output of your inverter connect it your house main switch. This setup will link your free energy system to a Kilowatt per Hour Meter which is the one connected to your utility power source grid.

If your own energy generating system is capable of producing extra electric power, interconnecting with the power grid is an excellent idea. You could be selling electricity to the electric company instead of buying electricity from them. Is it not a good idea to be making money from a power company at same time helping our environment for not injecting any additional pollutants?

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