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Growing a Life You Love

I want to share with you a secret to growing the kind of life you love. Before I do I must warn you. This secret is largely known and misunderstood, plus it is so common that few of us really focus on applying it daily.

I want to talk about LOVE. Love has many meanings depending on who you are talking to. However, when love is rightly understood and applied it creates an environment in your life that makes quantum leaps possible in every other area of your life.

Now, I must confess that for years I thought of love as merely an action or a feeling. Something you did to or for another, or a feeling that you felt because of what someone else did. While these definitions might loosely reflect truth they really serve to confuse us about the true nature of love.

Love is an environment. Love is something you put on, and truth be told it has more to do with you, then somebody else.

Love is best understood as a full bodied garment that one must put on and wear at all times. It is not simply an action but a way of being. Sadly, many who read this will have learned a version of love that is lived through a veil of judgment. Judging is actually the opposite of love and should have no place whatsoever in the life of one who practices love. When real love is practiced on all fronts of a person’s life they love not only all people but every happening and thing in their life. They are filled with gratitude for everything that is their life at all times.

They don’t fight the flow of God’s design in the universe but become attentive to it’s song and learn to dance to its rhythm. This then creates the right soil for hope to take root and faith to work its magic.
Here is where the gardening analogy comes into play. Think of creating your life like tending to a garden. If the soil, the environment, is good then anything will grow; and it will grow with ease. When the soil is hard, full of weeds, and generally poor, then you can still grow things but your selection of what you can grow is limited and it takes a lot more work.

When you and I create an environment of love in all directions, then manifesting and attracting the life we want is much easier.

Love leads to actions but it isn’t an action.
Love gives way to feelings but it isn’t a feeling.
Love may be expressed in a commitment but it isn’t a commitment.

Love must be worn! You must practice love for yourself, this means forgiving yourself, love for your past, love for the place you are in life, love for your dreams, love for your design, and love for all you meet.

Sure you could keep working hard to grow a beautiful life out of guilt, worry, control, judgment, anger, bitterness, and fear. AND maybe if you work hard enough and make the right choices you will actually bear the juicy fruit you desire.

BUT WHY? Why kill yourself when there is a better way?
FAITH, HOPE, and LOVE and the greatest of these is love.

You can check Craig out at Neverland Life Design.