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Guidelines for Obtaining Australian Working Holiday Visas

Are you one of those people who love to travel, embrace new experiences, meet new people and get paid for the same? Well then you must travel to Australia, because it is a country that offers you these opportunities. Australia offers you visa where you can enjoy the country while earning travel cost. With Australian working holiday visas you can make your dream come true. The amazing employment opportunities will help you to connect more with the people, place and enjoy the way you like. However, it is important that you must be aware of the rules, regulations and guidelines for obtaining Australian Visas.
In order to qualify for Australian working holiday visa the applicant must fall under the age group of 18-30 years. The application of this visa must be made outside Australia. With this kind of Australian Visas the stay of the holder can be extended up to two years depending on certain conditions and factors. The applicant must hold passport from such a country that has reciprocal arrangements in Australia. While applying for Australian working holiday visa the applicant must show that they have sufficient funds to support themselves for the initial part of stay in Australia.
Let’s get into details about the financial requirements linked with this kind of Australian Visa. As already mentioned applicant will have to show sufficient proof that they have required amount of funds that will ensure the first part of stay in this country. The amount that is considered to be sufficient would be nearly $5000. However, as an applicant you must remember that this amount will vary based on the length of the stay in the country. Applicant are also required to show return ticket to the immigration officer or funds sufficient to get you out of the country in case someone is showing one way ticket. Australian working holiday visas also demands health and character requirements. Under any circumstances an applicant must not have any criminal convictions and medical issues.
With first Australian working holiday visa the holder can stay in the country for up to one year. During this time holder can leave the country and a certain number of multiple entry is allowed in Australia. However, with Australian visas the holder can work for an employer as a specified worker for not more than three months. Australian working holiday visa holders can work in several primary industries. This includes plant and animal cultivation, tree farming, fishing, construction work and mining etc.
After being defined as “specified worker” these Australian visas holders are eligible for second Australian working holiday visa. Here, applicant can extend their Australian trip from 12 months to 24 months. In this connection applicant must remember that application for second working holiday visa can be done both offshore and onshore in Australia.
Australia offers different types of visa like Australian tourist visas, Australian travel visas, Australian business visa etc. If you need help in deciding which type of visa you require you can seek help of private farms. They are extremely aware of the guidelines and ensure that an applicant gets visa without any trouble.
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