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Hair Colour Advice – Find the Hair Color Secrets With Hair Color Expert?

Temporary hair colours are usually recommended to those who are really innovative and love to try most trendy and different colours frequently. Semi permanent colours stays for average time period, so these are recommended for those who want to change colour after certain period of time say a month or two. It is essential to use hair products from quality brands and take help of professionals to choose the best for your hair.

A change in hair color has great influence on your personality. It tremendously spruces up your appearance. Whether it’s your office party or a function at home, a change in hair color can make you look stylish and different. If you are looking for complete transformation for your special day to look most beautiful yet different, hair coloring is the best idea to transform your looks. Hair color expert advices that it is essential you should be aware of different types of hair colors before buying any hair color product. Following guidelines will help to choose the right color for your hair:

Temporary hair colour

Temporary hair color merely coats surface of your hair and are deposited outside the hair shaft. Such colors are washed out easily in just one to three shampoos. These colors are very popular with youngsters as they can change their hair color as per their moods, outfits or occasions. As per hair colour expert, if you want to change your hair color for short period of time such as for a particular event, temporary hair colors are right choice for you. If you are using temporary hair color, it is better to color your hair a day before the event.

Semi permanent hair colour
Semi permanent hair colour remains stable for just few days and get washed out in six to 12 washes depending upon the formula. According to our celebrity Dimple Kapadia, if you are planning to go for semi permanent hair colour, you should get your hair coloured at least a few weeks before the event. These colors also penetrate into hair shafts. However, unlike permanent hair colours, semi permanent hair colour does not penetrate to the same depth.
Permanent hair colour

Permanent hair colour is the best solution to cover your grey hair completely. If you are planning to apply permanent hair colour to get refreshing look on any special occasion, then you should colour your hair a few weeks before the occasion so the colour can settle easily. If you are using permanent hair colour for your hair, avoid going for an extreme new hair color.

If you are getting your hair colored for the first time, it is better to take advice and help of professional hair experts. These experts will help you to choose the right colour that suits your skin tone and personality so you don’t get disappointed even after investing so much money and expectations. More than dozen of hair colour brands are available in the market. Choose the one that gives your hair long lasting deep color and beauty.
Wella Kolestint is one such most recommended hair colour brands. Over 109 different shades across 6 colour families, great quality and long lasting deep coloring makes Wella Kolestint as the brand for perfect care for your hair.

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