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Half Marathon Training For New Runners

A beginner’s half marathon training program should be completely different to that used by a skilled half marathon runner for a number of reasons. Whilst a novice will be starting with a very low level of fitness or none at all, experienced or advanced runners will have moved on way beyond the basics and really should have a minimum of some running under their belts.

The next points should be considered for any newbies half marathon training program: –

#1 Have Your Body Checked Out

First things first, see your doctor or physiotherapist in order to get any old injuries or niggles taken care of first. Look at your health insurance and joints for any problems. If you’re in good health and also have no injury or illness problems you’ll be able to safely begin your training.

#2 Spend A Little Money

The minimum you have to buy is a quality, comfortable and appropriate pair of running shoes, ideally selected for you personally by staff at a professional running retail outlet which have the facilities and knowledge to check on your running gait.

Additionally, you will need to become knowledgeable as to how the body changes during your training, injury avoidance and also the proper kind of diet for the sport. Moving in to this blind can make the process a lot harder and you really do risk injury and over training if you don’t get it right.

Lastly it’s a really good idea to get some appropriate apparel such as waterproofs, thermal undergarments, a cap and gloves along with a handful of pairs of running socks.

#3 Develop a Solid Foundation

Begin slowly, increase your distances slowly and gradually and allow enough recovery time in between runs. I would suggest that you allow at least 24 – 48 hours in between particularly tough runs to start with, but more time should you feel that you need it.

If you can’t run to begin with then you definitely should try to power walk until you are able to jog slowly, after that you can progress a little faster. Running three times per week should be good enough to start experiencing noticeable changes.

It’s far better to start off slowly and then keep progressing than to have to cut your half marathon training short and give the whole idea up just because you overdid it at the start.

Many people end up making this mistake. They decide they’re going to run a half marathon, get excited about running one, they’re determined at the idea of doing it however their keenness turns out to be their downfall because they do too much.

You have to be strict with the total of running you do, neither too much nor too little.

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