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Having More for What Matters

The success of online dating services is no secret. The most successful sites actually advertise on television, promising to use secret, proprietary formulae to bring people together. They assure clients that they have it down to a science, and can match people based on the most important and vital aspects of their lives…for a reasonable fee.

Reasonable means different things to different people, however. For some, reasonable means having money to spend on the date, not a website. Enter an increasingly popular phenomenon, free dating sites. Where some sites require a subscription, free dating sites typically only require a valid email address and a username to get started.

In addition, free doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, or shoddy. In addition to the generally required features of [gender] seeking [gender], location, and basic interests, a number of free dating sites are including additional ways to catch the eye of one’s prospective mate.

For example, boasts a number of features designed to expand a personal profile into something truly engaging. Users are able to create and maintain a blog on the site, detailing their thoughts, daily goings-on, or just about anything else they want to share in a romantic sense. Dating services, and particularly the lower-quality free dating sites, do tend to have a reputation for being little more than a picture and a short clip, so allowing users to look through a few months of thoughts from someone they are interested in will set a site apart from the crowd.

Using free dating sites can be tricky; some are little more than spam gateways, riddled with popup advertisements, and more interested in making money from errant mouse clicks than actually helping people find their true love. The key to finding higher quality free dating sites is research. Users should have some basic questions to get the best experience. Does the site offer more than the bare minimum of features? Does it offer any angle that sets it apart from other free dating sites? For example, in addition to the blog, Kiss Café offers periodic fact/act updates, helping bring together people who share a passion in some type of cause. The exact questions are up to the user to decide, what is important is that each user take the time to carefully consider what each of these free dating sites is offering, and pick the one best suited to their needs.

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