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Healing for Your Whole Being

When it comes to healing and medicine, most of us are pretty limited in thinking about a doctor’s office or hospital type environment. For many people, however, the healing they seek is not for a physical ailment with physical symptoms that can be documented, treated, and in the best cases cured. Luckily for these people, we live in a world full of information and ideas, and along the way, there are truths to be found. Healing systems such as the rising star healing system, are healing for the rest of you. The whole being, not just physical health, but allowing for the healthy flow of energy so that a person can become balanced again. Sacred healing systems which utilize symbols, energy, and teachings from higher consciousness have been around for centuries, and unlike religious texts, sacred healing systems are constantly changing and evolving with us. Religious texts from all over the world seem to include certain basic truths and qualities regardless of their historical context or geographical location. There are some truths that still stand today, even with all the advancements of the modern world. These undeniable truths are what healing systems are based from. Healing systems are unique in the practitioners and recipients do not have to come from the same background, or even have identical spiritual beliefs to be able to use and receive the healing available to all of us. Just as we are all capable of giving and receiving love, something that is not limited to location, education, social class, spiritual beliefs, race, it doesn’t matter, we find love in all people, the same can be said about conventional healing systems and sacred healing systems.

Healing modalities operate on a need for wholeness in spirit, mind, and body. Just because we are physically healthy doesn’t mean we feel good, and unfortunately we have become too reliant on the help of a pill, or an outside force to fix us, when really what we need is inside of us already. Just as many ancient texts have tried to teach us, and something that many are finding when they begin searching for wholeness and healing, we are all connected. We know we are not physically connected, so what is it that connects us, our spirits and energy. Just as our physical bodies need to be cared for in order to serve us well, the same applies to our spirit and energy. Sacred healing systems can help to protect, rejuvenate, and keep our spirit and energy “healthy” is one way to look at healing systems and make them easier to understand. Once you begin to learn and experience healing systems, like the healing star, the easier it is to see the truths and understand how and why we need to be whole.

Even though we are becoming more aware that there is a need for spiritual healing and a wholeness, this doesn’t mean that modern medicine isn’t useful or necessary. Just as we need our spirit healthy, we need a healthy body as well. Sacred healing systems are for the healing that doesn’t always happen in a hospital or doctors office. Luckily for us, however, there are healers that you can call to make an appointment with, just as easily as you can a medical doctor. Maybe even easier in some ways, and you are likely to find yourself more comfortable with them, and feeling much better than after a regular doctor’s physical. Healing systems, are available to any and all of us, so that we might all experience true wholeness and healing to really experience life the way we were meant to, as spiritual beings having a human experience, rather than human beings having a spiritual experience.

Healing systems, like the healing star or Rising Star, are available to all of us- regardless of spiritual beliefs or religious affiliation- you don’t even have to believe in it to experience healing with the Rising Star system. The Rising Star is one of the more recent Sacred healing systems to be given to us, because like medicine, healing systems are constantly evolving and changing, with the next system building from the last. The Rising Star healing system, the most complementary systems available today, was channeled to us from the founder of SQ Wellness, which is made up of people that are very dedicated and well educated to help you find all the information you need to learn about healing systems, and also information on where to find a healer close to you.