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Healing Star and Whole-Being Transformations

Even though there are many healing systems out there that espouse the essential nature of a holistic approach, so many people are still out there looking for the quick fix through which they can make the instantaneous changes they would like to see in their life. Not, it isn’t unreasonable to wish that you could just snap your fingers and make it all better, or make a resolution for New Year and have your life changes already be there, without the hard work and time it really takes- but the truth is that there is a process to change and healing. Beyond the process, there is the fact that the change has to be made on all levels of your being- if it is to be a lasting and effective change. For example, let us say that a person were interested in losing weight. We all know there are many different potential ways of going about this. Rather than just picking a strict diet to try to stick to, it might also be wise to take a look at current eating habits to see not just what, but why a person is eating. If a person is prone to emotional eating, for example, then a truly healthy pattern arises not from controlling intake of food, but in healing emotional issues and learning healthy coping techniques for stress that otherwise would have been soothed by food. Likewise, there might be other issues mentally, physically or emotionally that have an effect as well, including health issues, like thyroid problems that will effect your weight loss. Whether working with counseling or an energetic modality such as the healing star system, the goal should be to look towards healing every aspect involved- which in most cases, includes ones whole being, regardless of the major ailment.

Sacred healing systems have been around for as long as human cultures, even before civilization as we know it. Different cultures developed different system of healing- mainly depending on the region they lived and their lifestyle. This should not be surprising, as we all learn to engage within the environments that we live in as best we can, and regardless of what choices we make, there will be problems along the way. Looking at modalities such as herbalism can give one an idea of how this occurs- China, India, Western Europe, North America- we know of healing plant traditions from each of these places (as well as many others, including specific regional differences within these groups) yet the plants used are different, the way plants are grouped are different and the means through which their properties are determined likewise did not follow identical paths. Because of the different ecosystems, there is not access to the same plants, and so of course plants with similar properties were found in each location and put to use by the people that lived in the particular ecosystems and regions. This one example is easy to use because the materials of concrete, but the same goes for the more difficult to explain in only a paragraph ideas such as cultural belief systems! When you consider it this way, it should be easier to accept that there are different healing systems and modalities that may be used to treat the same ailment or problem- and you may have to try more than one to find the best one for you.

Healing systems have existed in every culture since the beginning of our human communities and then into civilization. Though there are many different healing systems- from the sacred healing systems of indigenous cultures of every corner of the world and new healing modalities like the healing star that are more recently discovered and since successfully put into practice, most all center on healing our whole being. When you consider these facts, healing systems including energy healing like the healing star, should make a little more sense. SQ-Wellness has information about healing modalities.