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Healing Systems, Ancient and Current

There is an increasing movement today back towards some of the sacred healing systems that were developed and used by our ancestors, and a call to return to healing systems that are based not in technology, chemistry, and western medicine but in plant, natural, spiritual and holistic medicines. There are varying degrees of these depending where you live and what demographic you are looking at. For some, mild to moderate ailments are their main focus and interest while others believe and include the whole of one’s health-care is or should be taken care of within such a system.

There are older healing systems still in use, such as TCM and Ayurveda, and there are also newer healing systems still being developed, even today. There is no cut off point for the development of healing systems, after all. Humans continue to learn more about the ways in which our bodies work and the ways in which our bodies can heal. In fact, science is more able to demonstrate the physical happenings of spiritual philosophy- physics especially. Proving the connection between spirit, mind, and body. Given how much we continue to learn, it should be no surprise that new healing systems are commonly being researched and developed. Fortunately, our scientific and technological advances can aid in the advancement of older sacred healing systems and newer healing systems.

The Rising Star healing star system is one of the newer systems that we have to work with for healing. The healing success that the Rising Star system has is phenomenal, and shows, like many of the other new healing systems, that we are nowhere near done learning and adding to our canon of sacred healing systems that address people as a whole, to assist in keeping ourselves healthy and an overall feeling of well-being.

How are these new systems coming to us? A number of ways, really. Some systems, such as the above mentioned healing star system are channeled. Other systems develop as outgrowths of existing systems, and others still are the culmination of research and advanced study over time.

Each human being is born with an innate sense of what is their own health and well-being, and if one can hear that little inner voice, they often know, or can find, what they need in order to be well. Sometimes, in learning to hear that inner voice, they learn about themselves in the process. Healing techniques that work with the whole self are far more efficacious to begin with, in that they can and do address physical, mental, emotional, and psychological issues simultaneously. Because of the innate interconnectedness of the body and mind, ailments in one system usually have correlative parts in other physical, mental, and/or emotional systems. Healing systems are designed to assist the natural healing abilities of the human body, mind and spirit.

There are many different kinds of healing systems, with new ones being developed still today. SQ Wellness has information on many healing systems, including the healing star system, that works to channel the bodies natural energy to heal not just the body, but the mind and spirit as well. With a little information you can find sacred healing systems that work naturally to heal the whole of oneself and not just the body.