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Healing Systems, Spirituality, and Science

It is a common misconception among people who are generally uneducated on the topic that energy healing systems cannot be proven by science, or that they counter-indicate prescribed religious beliefs. Now, it can be easy to see why these misunderstandings have happened. Back in the 1960s there was a movement embracing Indian (the country, not the mis-named natives of North America) philosophies, which included their sacred healing systems. Because so many aspects of the Indians’ lives are wrapped up in their spirituality which was and is still very foreign to many Americans, it seemed to many people that their healing systems and religious views are one in the same. Fortunately, one is not required to hold any particular religious beliefs in order to benefit from energy healing, even if that healing originated in a culture in which it was initially part of a spiritual tradition. Why is this? Because these healing techniques work on the body on a level that is beyond conscious thought. In short, the basic electromagnetic nature of human beings transcends any belief form that they might hold, and as such, all can be healed on such a level. Almost the same way that medicine works regardless of your understanding of what each medicine or vaccine is physically doing inside your body.

There have been numerous scientific studies over the years that have brought us much closer to understanding exactly how healing works on an energetic level. The work done at UCLA alone has provided the scientific community with a wealth of information and more is being learned as technology allows us a closer look at what is going on during the healing process and how different types of healing work. Interest in this type of work has only increased over the years and so it is likely that the future will see even more developments in the understanding of this healing phemomena.

For those interested in learning about a healing system, there are many to choose from. There are old traditions that have been around for many many years, having been passed down through various cultures. Other healing techniques are only just being shared as they are discovered, learned of or even channeled. One such channeled healing technique is the healing star system, the Rising Star Healing System, which was channeled by Derek O’Neill and which is taught and practiced in numerous countries, and by numerous people. Many times people will feel a strong draw towards a particular healing technique and it is always wise to follow through on those draws, as they are often intuition and instinct speaking up. Whether that results in your learning a particular technique or being on the receiving end, chances are, you’ll be healed in ways you never dreamed possible.

Just like modern medicine does not require a specific spiritual affiliation to heal, energy healing and sacred healing systems are an option for anyone and everyone to have whole wellness. Healing systems are continuing to develop, with the next healing systems building on the last, also very similar to modern healing and medicine. However, modern medicine only treats physical symptoms – healing systems, like healing star system or the Rising Star Healing system, developed by SQ Wellness founder Derek O’Neil, for example, treats all you- mind, body, and spirit. Every system effects the next, so total wellness and balance is necessary for true health and well being, and you may found yourself drawn to a certain healing system, go with your gut, there is a lot more going on that isn’t in the conscious mind, and healing systems work in part by tapping into those energies.