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Heart attacks

Today the heart attacks are very common in all ages. There are several reasons involved behind it. Nothing will happen unnecessarily, without any cause. Therefore, one should have to know how to recognize the symptoms of heart attack and initiate relative steps to thwart it.

When we refer journals and newspapers, identified several symptoms to notice for significances of heart attack; immensity and stiffness in the chest, discomfort or pain in the chest, a sense of compression, shortness of breath, generous of undue sweating ( Somebody sweats even being in air conditioned room and some other situation you may notice that you alone sweat but not other companions, whoever be with you at that time.); experiencing heart burn, pain in one or both the shoulders, forearms, elbows, a burning sensation in upper abdomen, or discomfort in the throat or jaws and feeling faint. As the subject is very heart throbbing, may be few other consequences also render heart attack.

When a person acknowledge any of these reasons with him, don’t neglect to meet doctor, may be it caused to any level of fatal heart attack. Therefore, do not dismiss the symptoms of digestion disorder or heartburn. Antacids or any relevant painkillers may give partial remedy only. Heart attacks cannot be ruled out by layman, is the advice of every cardiologist. There are several instances in this regard to give clarity. I witnessed, few years ago, my own grand pa expired of hear attack, while going to the market.

Time is serious, one should not take chance to neglect it, so rush to the nearest hospital immediately, whenever you identify such feeling. Do not allow the individual to exert himself, do not let him walk or climb stairs. In fact, in the case of heart diseases found in any individual, should carry aspirin tables consisting of 325mg minimum to consume it, more over the doctor might be prescribed sorbitrate tablets; give 10mg of it as well. In case you do not have, these medicines do not waste time trying to get them; just rush him to the hospital, “recommends Cardiologist.

Those suffering from stress (physical or mental), those who are obese, those who smoke, consume alcohol, have faulty dietary habits, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hyper tensions, diabetes, or are aging, or have family history of heart disease are at risk. While males are at higher risk, the risk is the same for postmenopausal females, as they no longer have the protective impact of the hormone oestrogen.

“Have an annual, master health check-up once you are over 40, “recommends, every consultant of cardiologist. Quit smoking, as even a cigarette a day is a big risk factor. Regular isotonic exercise such as walking is advisable. However, isometric exercise such as weight training strains the heart. Saturated fat found in butter, cheese, cake, ice cream, pizza, biscuits and cookies and fried food is harmful to the heart. Cholesterol deposition is a continuous process and can start in childhood, so even kids cannot be allowed to gorge on these food items, while adults over 25 should indulge in them sparingly. Poly unsaturated fatty acids (PU FA) are good for the heart. They are found in fish oil, and some vegetable oils such as olive oil and mustard oil. However, even these should be used only in small quantities.