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Helping Yourself Become An Improved Person

“How can an individual more understand who they are for improvement? Multiple concepts have erupted from this idea. There are some that believe that superficiality is a way of being. Some people view a transformation of a superficial person as being an aide in helping them dig deeper into their superficiality.

Some of my own concepts are derived from a discussion I had once with a personal coach. There’s a particular thought process that is taught by one such trainer name Clare Bronfman. All individuals have the ability to delve into the more meaningful aspects of their being, according to Ms. Bronfman. She seems to believe that superficiality is not terminal, but rather that through determination and some work, a person can develop their own sense of being.

Discovering an individual’s “sense of being” is really a rewarding concept. I guess I’ve heard of the idea before — but somehow, it’s something that has almost seemed to apply to a very rare few. Every person, like you or me, that leads a common life, can be useful in some area of the world and make a difference as an active member of society that has an important influence.

Can the average person learn this? Can someone find an critical part of themselves which can make an overall improvement in society? What would it take for a person in the most extreme instances of superficiality to develop their own personality? Finding the issues that create a superficial person can help us fix it. Is it possible superficiality is simply not being connected, or not having a sense of, who you are? Once a feeling of confidence is developed, can any person develop the kind of depth we all admire in others?

What would it take to understand to who you are? Well, if I think of some people that seem to be most connected to themselves, it appears as if they have direction, and know what is important to them. Ethics and hobbies or interests are two great things to ponder when thinking about how they relate to ourselves and what we like. If you take someone who is confident in who they are, you’ll notice that they much like a “shining” or admirable character. People who get noticed are individuals who have gone into their passions with full force and live their life doing it.

Is it simple to figure out what’s essential? How can only a few people have discovered this kind of important awareness? Something about it suggests it’s simple, however most of us haven’t exactly been groomed to do it. Practice makes perfect, which is the case with people who struggle with their inner being or don’t comprehend what makes your passions so important in the world. Personal coaches are also a wonderful way to find out who you are!”

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