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Hemorrhoid Cure – How To Get Relief From Hemorrhoids

Cures for hemorrhoids are easily available over the counter. The easiest cure and best preventative measure is to eat plenty of fiber. This can be in the form of whole wheat grains, raw fruits and vegetables, and beans. Also, drink plenty of water. A minimum of eight glasses a day will help to prevent hemorrhoids. Exercise is very beneficial. Use the bathroom frequently and avoid straining if at all possible. Don’t sit on the toilet any longer than necessary. This is also true of any activity. Don’t sit or stand for too long as movement helps prevent hemorrhoids. Yet, if you get hemorrhoids even after doing these things, there is help available. Purchase a hemorrhoid cure at any local pharmacy or discount store and treat the symptoms as they occur.

The hemorrhoid cure you choose will often be based on personal preference. Home treatments are available. With any treatment, gently clean the area with a moist towelette rather than regular toilet paper. Once the area is completely clean, dry with a soft cloth. Apply moist heat several times a day or you may alternate ice packs with warm compresses if that feels better. Take frequent baths and ensure that the warm water completely covers the anal area. Creams and treatment pads are available to help treat symptoms if needed.

Non-surgical treatments are also available as a hemorrhoid cure. The non-surgical treatments are known as fixative procedures. These are commonly used when the hemorrhoids are small. It is also recommended when the hemorrhoids bulge during a bowel movement and then retract when it is completed. Your doctor may opt to tie off the hemorrhoids with a rubber band to restrict blood flow to area. The other common fixative procedure is known as coagulation therapy. With this method of treatment, heat, electrical currents or lasers are used to create scar tissue which helps treat hemorrhoids.

The most invasive hemorrhoid cure is surgery. This procedure is know as a hemorrhoidectomy and completely removes the hemorrhoids. This is a last resort as surgery is costly, there is a risk of complications, it is usually painful and recovery time is extended. If at all possible, fixative procedures will be used, especially if you are elderly. With any medical treatment, it is always best to discuss options with your doctor. A cure can best be determined when the complete medical and dietary history is known. Hemorrhoids don’t have to be tolerated, treatment is available, you just need the one that is best for you.

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