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Herbal Blood Cleansers To Reduce Acne Scars

Acne scars, the marks that left behind after acne trouble is one among the commonly reported skin problems. These marks may be either temporary or permanent. Depending upon the time period, acne scars are divided as pigmented scars and pitted scars. Pigment scars are those scars that left behind after the cure of acne trouble. Pitted scars are caused due to the damage happening in underlying skin tissue. Squeezing and pinching of acne is one among the main causes reported for the formation of acne scar formation. Time period required for clearing scars varies from one person to another. It ranges from a few days up to several months time period. Intensity of healing process also varies according to the treatment choice of person. Today you can get several blood cleansers from medical stores to reduce acne scars. Let’s check whether herbal blood cleansers are effective in reducing acne marks.

Fenugreek is found to be as an effective herbal blood cleanser to reduce acne scars. Topical application of this herbal cure helps in eliminating the risk of acne scars. It is a perfect home remedy for relieving troubles due to burns, boils, eczema and gout. Mucilage present in fenugreek seed is well known for their anti inflammatory property. Apart from curing skin inflammations, regular use of fenugreek also helps in preventing health risks like heart burn, high cholesterol level and high blood sugar level. Orange peel is another common remedy used for preventing acne marks. Topical application of orange peel mixture enriched with vitamin C concentration nourishes skin cells, peels off damage tissues and regenerates the growth of new cells on skin surface.

Garlic is one among the safest herbal blood cleansers in reducing acne scars. Anti inflammatory property enriched in garlic prevents the chance of occurrence of skin problems. You can use this herbal supplement both internally and externally. Allicin, one among the active compounds present in garlic boosts immunity power of body and prevents inflammatory skin diseases. It is also advised to include garlic in food recipes. Advantages of using garlic include reducing yeast infections, preventing blood clots, boosting metabolism rate and reducing the risk of cancer cell formation.

Burdock root is a best herbal blood cleanser effective in reducing acne scars. Intake of this herbal supplement detoxifies blood and cleanses skin cells of body. People suffering from severe acne troubles are advised to drink burdock juice daily. You can easily make medicinal juice by mixing burdock root with ginger root, kale, apple and lemon juice. For user assistance, burdock root extracts are now commonly available in the form of capsules. Improving blood circulation through out the body and increasing the oxygen consumption of cells are other advantages of consuming burdock root extract. Cucumber, one among the commonly used ingredients in food recipes act as an effective herbal blood cleanser in reducing acne scars. Anti oxidant property present in cucumber reduces the action of free radical mechanism and delays aging effect. For faster relieving of acne scars, it is recommended to wash face with a mixture of cucumber juice and milk.

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