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Herbs and Spices to the Rescue of Your Health! (Part One)

When we think of healing foods, we don’t always consider herbs and spices. They are the little extras that we often put on our food to give it more seasoning and to make it tastier for everyone at the table.

Put the saltshaker away when you’re cooking, as too much salt in the diet can spell disaster for your circulatory system and kidneys. Reach instead for healthy herbs and seasonings to jazz up your next meal and help make you healthier to boot!

Herbs and spices have been used for centuries to treat a variety of health and medical conditions. Examples of these include inflammatory conditions, infections, autoimmune disorders, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and nausea. There is no doubt that when it comes to herbs and spices there are plenty of healing properties you should get to know better.

Garlic has long been used as a folk remedy for many ailments. Garlic is a member of what is called the allium family as it contains a substance called allicin. Other members of this family include onions and scallions.

Research into the benefits of garlic has shown that it is a strong preventative agent against stroke and heart disease. Garlic is also instrumental in lowering high blood pressure. Further studies have shown that garlic is very close to a natural form of antibiotic. Garlic is full of substances that help to detoxify the body and are able to disperse carcinogens that are building in the system.

A number of research studies have shown that a diet rich in garlic helps to lower the total cholesterol rate of an individual, including the bad cholesterol or LDL while at the same time it raises the good HDL cholesterol in the bloodstream. Garlic also fights a great number of bacteria and viruses and therefore helps to prevent infections.

Garlic is associated with a decreased risk of stomach cancer. Research in Italy and China support garlic’s beneficial effects. Garlic is best eaten in its raw state. The best way to benefit from garlic is to eat it raw: cut up, sliced up or chopped.

Ginger is a very odd looking substance. It can be found in every produce department, and should be used more for its beneficial effects on health. Ginger works well to calm an upset stomach. Ginger is particularly good to take before embarking on a road trip if you are prone to motion sickness. Ginger snaps and ginger bread are also effective at calming an upset stomach. Pregnant women are often encouraged to eat ginger to reduce the nausea from morning sickness.

Ginger is also believed to be helpful in the fight to lose weight, as it works as a natural dietary aid. The reason it works is that ginger helps to boost the rate in which the body burns calories. This benefit has been borne out in studies conducted by researchers in Australia. When coupled with other spices including rosemary, thyme, oregano and pepper, ginger is excellent in regards to its antioxidant properties and therefore is proficient at fighting cancer.

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