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Hire A Personal Chef for Your Marriage Proposal Dinner

Have you ever thought of hiring a personal chef for the occasion, but gave up the idea because you feared it would be too expensive?
Picture you and your girlfriend having a romantic dinner, away from noisy restaurant crowds, with a bottle of champagne (not just sparkling wine, which is not made in Champagne area in France), savoring a sumptuous dinner for two.
You want to make her feel like a princess before you pop that all-important question, “Will you marry me?”

Why hire a personal chef?
How much will it cost?
It may not be nearly as expensive as you think. Are you willing to pay roughly $180 for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion?
If you consider the cost of a special dinner at an exquisite restaurant, with a bottle of champagne, a bottle of red wine, and the extra cost of a private room or the best table at the restaurant, it could easily add up to over $200.

A personal chef will cook your girlfriend’s favorite meal, or perhaps you would prefer to choose from the chef’s customized menu. Best of all, this will give you the freedom and peace of mind to focus on proposing to her without worrying
about what other people may think of you as you go down on one knee to present the perfect engagement ring when you ask her to marry you.

Where can you find a personal chef, and how much will it cost?

Finding a qualified personal chef is as simple as checking with the USPCA (United States Personal Chef Association), which can provide you with general information on personal chefs as well as a directory of USPCA members in your area. If you live in Canada, the CPCA (Canadian Personal Chef
Alliance) can provide you with the necessary information.

For a couple, the price for such a meal would be in the range of $175 and up, depending on how many entrees and side dishes you want to include in the dinner.
Given what champagne and wine cost at a restaurant (at least twice what the price would be at a wine store), you can either save money or spend the same amount for upgraded champagne or wine.

To make more out of the luxurious dinner, create a specially written menu that includes the date. Moreover, keeping the bottles or the labels from the bottles will give you a tangible keepsake from the night of the proposal, in addition to the memories themselves. Serving the same brand (chateau) and year of champagne
or wine on your wedding anniversary may well rekindle love’s fire, in later years.

The proposal does not need to involve major surprises or gimmicks, as long as it is romantic and memorable.

Have you ever read romance novels? The characters and situations in such novels are often quite similar, and you might wonder why many women read them.
The answer: these books are about love and romance, and so they have no need for flashy effects like gun fights or exploding buildings. Quite a few men also read the romantic novels, and they know that being “predictable” can be a wonderful thing when you’re creating a romantic situation for this very special occasion.

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