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Home of The Second Oldest Universities in Italy

Padua is a large town in the Veneto region in north-eastern of Italy. Padua is home to an ancient university. The historical hub of town is still very evocative of the days when the city and its university flourished in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance as a centre of art and learning.

Padua is located on the plains of Veneto, approximately to 30 kilometres from the city of Venice. Despite being on the main land, the city is situated close to the routes of many major rivers flowing down from the nearby hills and mountains to the Adriatic sea, and the thermal resorts of the nearby Colle Euganei hills. The town has a picturesque network of arcaded streets, numerous bridges, and large communal plazas. Padua is an elegant town

Shoppers head to the Prato delle Valle on the third Sunday of every month, when more than 200 antiques and collectibles vendors set up shop for the day. The square, one of the largest in all Europe. The Piazza della Frutta and Piazza dell’ Erbe, the sites of Padua’s daily markets, are lined by bars, restaurants and shops.

The University of Padua, is one of the oldest and most well known universities in Europe. The University is situated in Padua, Italy and was founded in 1222. It is between the earliest of the European universities and the second oldest in Italy.

As a university city, Padua has a large, very visible student population, so this creates a young, vibrant atmosphere and the city has undoubtedly the best night life within reach of Padua.

Prato della Valle is a great oval form square surrounded by the channel. It is the largest square in Padova and one of the largest in Europe. There are many sculptures on the channel sides. These sculptures are representations of art and culture personalities. The third Sunday of every month there is an open air market.

The Euganean Hills are an essential and true mine of wild herbs, excellent wines and oils. The area possess thirteen D.O.C. wines, the quality carefully determined and certified by the Consorzio Vini Colli Euganei. The area also has a long tradition of oil production. The oil has a especially fruity flavour and an after taste that hints of sweet almonds

Located in the bustling town, the Cappella degli Scrovegni is home to a rich collection of 14th century European paintings, including the most complete series of frescoes by Giotto. These are organised in three main themes, the Virgin Mary’s life the lives of Joachim and Anna and Christ’s life and death.

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