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Home Remedies For Bruises

It is a very common skin injury which occurs when tiny blood vessels are harmed due to a bump on your soft skin tissue. Medically this is known as contusion. In this process the blood vessels are damaged leaving behind a blue or black mark. It can be stated as a very common phenomenon for every kid. With freak accidents that happen on a daily basis no one is spared. When a bruise occurs blood escapes from the capillaries to get trapped and give a purplish red mark. Some are more affected in comparison to others due to the sensitivity of the skin. There are also cases of easy bruising, wherein elderly people fall victims to it. It is mainly due to weakening of the skin tissue. The capillary walls become fragile which causes the bruising. The aging thin skin also leads to bruising for which extreme care has to be taken.

Causes of Bruises

-During a rigorous exercise session for athletes or weight lifters
-Bumping or banging against something
-Unexplained bruises due to a fall or getting hit during practice session of your sports activity
-Elderly people get bruised easily due to the fragile condition of their skin

Signs and Symptoms of Bruises

-The first look of the bruise will give a reddish color which may later on change to blue or purple in a short span of time. After turning green or yellow it may take few days to heal.

-It starts healing as soon as the mark starts disappearing.

Food for Better Recovery

-If you are bruised and in awful pain you can gain energy by having food which is high on bioflavonoid also known as vitamin P. Bioflavonoid functions as the protector of the capillaries by keeping it healthy and to avoid any kind of bleeding. These are also anti-inflammatory which helps in reducing the inflammation. You can find bioflavonoid in lemons, green peppers, broccoli and rose hips. The best bet with bioflavonoid is to have it with vitamin C as it will absorb easily in your body.

Home Remedies for Bruises

-St. Johns Wort is known to have done wonders for bruise wounds. The anti-bacterial and astringent properties make it apt for treating bruises.

-Add few drops of St. John Wort tincture to an organic oil or cream and apply it on the bruised area. The skin would absorb the tincture which would work in favor of healing.

-You can take an infusion for the bruised wounds. Old bruises have to be taken care with tincture for at least two months.

-Plaster made from fresh comfrey leaves is the best home remedy for sprains, bruises and cuts.

-Cabbage contains anti-inflammatory properties which applied in emaciated form on bruises or swelling can help in the healing procedure.

-Arnica works great for bruises or sprains. It has wonderful and useful properties to provide healing touch to your wounds. Use few drops of arnica tincture to a cup of water, soak a clean clothe and apply this cloth for bandaging.

-Parsley is another herb which has abundant supply of vitamins and works as a therapeutic treatment for the wound. Apply crushed parsley on the bruised area. Keep doing this till the blue or black marks disappear forever.

-Having a soothing bath with Witch Hazel helps in circulation of the blood and in the healing process. The astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic attribute just makes it a great home remedy.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Kevin Pederson is the webmaster of sites like Home Remedies which provides home based remedial measures for all times. Home Remedies for Bruises. In our day-to-day life bruising is a very common feature to be treated very easily.