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Home Remedies For Insect Bites

Some Home Remedies for the usual and unusual bites we face in our daily lives.

– Mosquito Bites

• For mosquito bites apply lime juice diluted with water over the bite.

• You can also apply calamine lotion for mosquito bites.

• Apply a salt water solution or paste over the bite, this helps in relieving the itching problem.

• Mix one teaspoon baking soda in one glass of water and rub the solution with a cloth over the bite for 15 to 20 minutes.

• You can apply an antihistamine cream which relieves the itchiness from the bite.

• Applying rubbing alcohol over the bite helps to soothe the itch.

• Apply fresh damp mud on the bite. This can be used for bites similar to this like bug bites, chigger bites and others.

• Take an oat meal bath this will help to reduce the swelling and itchy feeling.

• Rub dry soap over the mosquito bite. It reduces the itchy feeling and the swelling.

• You can also use a banana peel which is to be used inside out. This provides relief from the bites.

• A mixture of pure olive oil and vinegar also helps in relieving the mosquito bite problem.

– Chigger Bites

• Apply clear nail polish on the bites, it provides you quick relief.

• You can rub bacon grease on the affected area as this provides quick relief from the chigger bites.

• Vicks Vapor Rub is another way to cure this problem. The petroleum chokes the chigger and methanol helps in relieving the itch.

• The mixture of camphor and phenol in mineral spirits also helps in shedding this problem.

• A hot water bath is an excellent way of dealing with this problem.

• Rubbing the affected area with Listerine also helps in alleviating this problem.

– Wasp bite

• First thing first, the bitten area should be cleaned with soap and water solution.

• You can apply a poultice of meat tenderizer or salt over the sting as soon as possible. You can use half a teaspoon of any of the products with water and leave it over the bite for 30 minutes.

• You can use this remedy for wasp itch or fire ant bite. Household ammonia can be use as it helps to minimize the sting produced due to the bite.

– Other bites

• You can use make a paste by mixing water with cornstarch. Apply this paste if you have been bitten by any poisonous insect like a spider. The paste helps in drawing out the poison from your body.

• You can wash the area with mild soap and water to remove the germs and other allergy provoking substances. This can be done for most of the bites like bug bites.

• A paste of baking soda and water works great for most bites.

Warning: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

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