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Home Schooling The Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason was a great intellectual who had an extremely elevated opinion about children. Nobody can yet assimilate Charlotte Masons thoughts, techniques and values into a concrete nutshell. Miss Masons thoughts were so extensive and in-depth; it required six huge volumes to include all her inscriptions on the subject matter of education only. Speaking of which, there is an extremely to the point general idea of a handful of Charlotte Masons most well-known thoughts.

The Charlotte Mason Method of Teaching: Miss Charlotte Mason came up with ideas like Twaddle, Living books, Whole books, Narration, Short lessons, Keeping a Journal, Copy work, Dictation as different methods of teaching.

The Twaddle Idea: Parents and teachers in the present day might call Twaddle, literature that is basically is like giving portions of academic happy meals to your children. This technique is applied to the strong, important intellect and also caters to the structuring provisions. Charlotte Mason basically promoted Staying Away From Twaddle and stuffing the child spirit and intelligence with the finest literary facilities accessible.

The Living books Idea: Living books are definitely the reverse of boring textbooks that are monotonous. The characters, locations and incidents described come to life and are very interesting and exciting as you read a living book. These tales make an impact on the spirit and psyche.

The Whole books Idea: Basically whole books are the sum total of the books written by the author. If you come across a book written by an author you must take the effort in reading the whole book. The reverse of this would be the compilations that take account of only the bits and pieces from other works. This could perhaps include a part from Dickens, a combination of ideas from Tolstoy, etc.

The Idea of Narration: Narration basically is the course of action of repeating back what has been already been taught or read. Narrations are by and large done verbally. However, as the child matures and his writing abilities are enhanced, he could write down the narrations too. You could conduct narrations in an imaginative manner like playing a role, sketching, painting, sculpting etc.

The Idea of conducting Short lessons: Charlotte Mason suggested spending short, focused phases of time on an extensive assortment of subject matters. The lessons near the beginning years are only for 10-15 minutes. However they are gradually extended as the children get older. There are a few lessons for high school students that go nearer to an hour for every subject matter.

The Idea of Keeping a Journal: There is tremendous worth attached to maintaining a personal journal that flaunts confidence of expression and evocative writing. You can also document actions, feelings and thoughts, favorite proverbs, personal slogans, favorite poetry, etc.

The Idea of Copy work: Copy work on a daily basis presents constant practice for improving grammar, spellings, handwriting etc. You can maintain a note book for copying down writing styles, passages, etc.

The Idea of Dictation: Every day select a sentence or page, depending on the child age. Make the child practice his writing and try to make him do it flawlessly during his period of copy work. Make the child pay attention to all the punctuations, capital letters etc. When the child is familiar with the passage properly, dictate the passage to the child so that he can reconstruct the passage.

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