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Home to Hans Christian Andersen

Odense is the third largest city in Denmark, with about a 146,564 inhabitants and the capital of the island of Funen. The city lies close to Odense Fjord on the Odense River

The island of Funen is called The Garden of Denmark because of their pastel painted farmhouses and its serene villages. Since ancient times the city has been an important pilgrim place as well as a prosperous trading centre.

The citys bubbling nightlife is largely concentrated in the city centre. Here you will find plenty of great pubs, cafes and discos. with the legendary Franck A as the number one spot. Wherever you head for, you will be served up Albani, the local lager brewed right in the heart of the city. The citys cultural palace, Brandts Kleadefabrik, contains everything from a restaurant and cafe to a music venue and cinema. If you happen to be visiting in summer, be sure not to miss the open air concerts in Kongens Have and Den fynske Landsby.

Funens is the largest shopping area. No fewer than 3 kilometres of pedestrian street bring happy tourists and locals to everything from department stores to the best in specialist shops. Here is the place to see and buy the latest fashions and visit the galleries. If this abundance of shops is still not enough for you, the city also boasts Denmarks largest shopping centre. Here you will find more than 100 shops all under one roof just outside the city centre.

Some visitors would rather take a chance to soak up some of the authentic atmosphere of the local markets. Odense has a rich market tradition, with the square in front of the Concert Hall building turned into a large fruit and vegetable market twice a week, and in the summer season, frequent antique markets in front of the City Hall.

The famous author and poet Hans Christian Andersen was born in here on 2nd April 1805. The house is in the old part of Odense and has been turned into a museum with a large collection of his works and belongings. Also his childhood home is a museum. The monument to Hans Christian Andersen is situated in front of the Town Hall. The great writer is quite formally dressed, wearing a waistcoat under his jacket and a scarf but his trouser legs are rolled up and he is barefooted.

Douglas Scott writes for The Car Hire Specialist. and is a free lance writer for The Odense Villa Rental Site