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Homeschooling – Do Grades Matter?

Most parents wanted know why they need to bother grading their children’s homeschooling. The answer is because you want to know if your children are learning something and if they are at par with children their age.

There are many ways you could find out if your children are learning or progressing as they are learning in the lessons. Standardized tests can help you find out if your children are doing fine and are at par with their peers at schools. These standardized tests come as subject specific tests. Testing your children with these exams will help you determine what subjects they need to give more attention to, if there are any at all.

Grading your children’s progress includes giving exams or tests and most, if not all, children find tests as a waste of time. Most parents find other alternatives or how to make an exam more enjoyable for children. Some of the alternatives include mixing playing with testing. Another alternative is to give rewards (such as seeing that new movie) whenever a child gets a perfect score in an exam. Most colleges require a rigorous standard type of exam (meaning college aspirants are pressured with regards to time) and children who haven’t experienced being pressed for time might have some difficulties passing these kinds of tests.

Tests are designed mainly to find out if your children need more help with one area of one subject and where they excel the most. Other reasons include knowing how your children react to pressure and failure or success. These are important things to evaluate as they influence your children, especially their values.

Another reason is to find out if your children learn from their mistakes. This can be a good gauge of your children’s progress and be a proof that they are indeed learning with homeschooling.

Another factor for your decision is how teachers and school officials view testing. They will definitely have different ideas and different sides with regards to the need to test your children. Other school officials will probably cite the need to monitor the progress of your children and knowing where they need help and where they can excel. Both sides will have strong arguments and listening to their sides might help you on deciding which side is right.

Of course, many parents who do homeschooling (meaning they personally teach their own children) that find testing their children is rather not necessary. It is one of the advantages of teaching your own child rather than hiring paid help. Besides it saves the parents money as well.

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