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Hot Stone Massages For Your Health

Stone massage is one of those arts of relaxation that has been around for quite some time now. From the word itself, the technique uses special stones (basalt stones) in massaging specific body parts for the purpose of relieving stress. The stones are either cooled or steamed depending on their planned use. For water-heated baSsalt stones, they are applied to specific key points in order to relieve stress and loosen up muscles that were put under extreme stress. The cooled version of this igneous rock is used especially for muscular injury. It has a stimulating effect on the body’s consciousness as it constricts blood vessels. The warm stones relax the nervous system and encourage self-healing. In most circumstances, hot stone massage is performed more frequently than the cooled marble stones for most clients. Reason being warm stones arerelaxing and soothe physical key points that are targets for relaxation.

1. How Is It Performed?

There are several ways by which stone massage masseur’s work on using these lava stones depending on the type of treatment appropriate for the clients and their preference. The following bulleted information provides you a general outline of how the therapy is performed.

– The stones are either heated by steam or cooled in a freezer. Black basalt stones are used for hot treatments while white lava stones are usually used for cold treatments, although they can be used for hot treatments as well.
– The stones are put on a towel and covered to maintain the desired temperature needed for a specific treatment.
– The stones are placed along the body lines, charkas, which are believed as key points in the elimination of stress that tends to build up through various work activities.
– The stones are used along with the therapist’s hands in order to get through the muscle areas that hands cannot normally reach.
– As treatment is carried out in other parts of the body, small heated stones are placed in between the toes and on the eyes and along the length of the spine. Some are placed on the forehead and the stomach as well.
– While employing stones as an adjunct tool in the performance of massage, normal massage therapy is also administered on other parts of the body.

2. What Are The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage?

– Ease up muscular pain (fibromyalgia – rheumatic condition characterized by pain on skeletal muscles
– Relieves back pain
– Helps in the management of Insomnia and other sleep-related illnesses
– Loosen up sprains and strains
– Improves circulation
– Relieves symptoms related to rheumatism and arthritis
– Promote overall well-being through its relaxing effect on the entire human musculature
– Alleviate stress, anxiety and depression
– Hot stone massages together with the use of essential oils restores body and mind balance due to its sedative effect
– Clients who have undergone several stone massage sessions have observed physical rejuvenation and stamina free of pain and localized muscle sores

3. Masseur Considerations:

Experience and Functional Literacy

Massage therapist most of the time are connected in an association that undergoes regular training. These associations provide consultancy, workshops and education to stone massage therapists interested in the latest developments about this treatment.

Appropriate Therapy

Stone massage is of two categories: one employs hot stones and the other frozen, cold stones. Your stone massage practitioner will most likely be asking you questions to determine the type of treatment appropriate for you.

Massage Techniques

You will be your best judge in finding which masseur is able to work best in the kind of therapy employed in your body. Different masseur use different techniques and their mastery on one technique may not prove beneficial to you.

Know what you want

If you are into relaxation after a tiring weekend, a light hot stone massage will be perfect. If you would like to melt away the pain caused by muscle Injuries such as sprains, massage with white, cold basalt stones are great for you.

Survey Medical Condition

Thermotherapy like stone massage (hot and cold) is used for specific relaxation needs which takes into consideration your preexisting physical condition. Individuals suffering from thrombosis, blood clot and other cardiovascular diseases should seek the advice of a health care practitioner in your area to ensure safety before undergoing hot stone massage therapy.

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