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How Additional Personal Injury Training Can Help Your Career In A Tough Economic Climate

Copyright (c) 2011 Sue Richardson

In the current economic climate, competition for jobs is incredibly fierce. With law schools adding hundreds of newly-qualified personal injury lawyers to the arena each year, it has quickly become an employers’ market. The question on most graduates’ lips is ‘how can I get a job?’ Perhaps a better approach is to take a long-term view and ask ‘how can I give myself the edge that will not only get me a job, but one that will last?’

Look Forward.

Perhaps the biggest misconception that many graduates fall foul of is the notion that once your legal training is over, it’s over. Whilst CPD is a recognised part of a lawyer’s career, further personal injury training can add longevity and potential to your long-term plans. In addition, it can add that further shine to your CV, letting an employer know that you are to be taken seriously.

Undertaking further personal injury training can have a number of benefits. Firstly, it communicates the fact that you are prepared to put the work in in order to get where you want to be. Employers are facing tough decisions in the shadow of the recent recession, not least of which is where they are going to spend their money when it comes to new employees. Rather than just looking to hire those with the best qualifications, employers are looking at potential employees as long-term investments. The more you can show them that you are in this for the ‘long game’, the better your chances of employment are likely to be.

Find Your Niche.

The Law is constantly evolving. Legal statutes are continually reviewed, new laws are created and the UK’s involvement with the EU sees the legal goalposts being constantly shifted. In addition to ensuring that your knowledge of the Law is up to the minute and fresh, personal injury training can also help you to specialize.

Many might consider that focussing within the personal injury field might limit your chances of success. However, personal injury law is a relatively specialized field in itself. Choosing to specialize within those parameters can put you head and shoulders ahead of the competition. You will still be required to undergo CPD training and can keep an eye on your general knowledge of the Law, but through receiving further legal training in a specific area, you can make yourself invaluable to a law firm.

Specializing is rather like looking at one particular part of an organism through a microscope – while you will have an idea of the organism as a whole, you will become fluent in one aspect and understand just how that part will affect the rest of the creature. In other words, specializing does not remove you from the more general aspects of personal injury law, but will give you greater insight into how to approach subtle legal nuances that are presented to you.

In a tough economic climate, employers want to see long-term returns on long-term investments. Personal injury training can ensure you remain in the race for its duration.

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