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How Can a Special Wedding Slide Show be Produced?

Wedding slide show is becoming very popular in a wedding. It nearly becomes a must in a wedding. Some couples will compose their wedding photos to make the wedding slide show while some may use the photos in their childhood to compose the slide show. Every couple may want to have a special and unique wedding slide show. One natural question from these couples will be “With these different options, how can a more special one be produced?”

Most couples will make the wedding slide show really a “slide show”. This is very good in a sense that the guests can concentrate on the photos and memories of the bride and the groom. The key of making it special is the choice of photos and the sequence of displaying them.

If photos of the childhood will be included, the most natural flow will be showing the photos of childhood till the wedding. Normally, the photos of the bride in the childhood can be firstly shown, and then photos of the groom. Then photos of them after they got together will be shown and at last the wedding photos.

Some may find this flow too natural that it may become boring for the guests. It is true since the guests may not know what the couple looked when they were small. The guests may not be interested to see their photos when they were babies. In fact this happens mainly because the guests cannot really engage into the show. A good voice over may help in this case.

The best way of making this voice over is a live voice over by the couple. They try to explain the background of some of the photos, if not every photo, during the slide show. It will be extremely touching and romantic when the couple talks about how they met during the show.

It will be very suitable if the couple can do the voice over. However, sometimes a couple may not be very good at delivering speeches. Such a “job” of doing voice over will become something very difficult for the couple. If this is the case, it will be also perfect to have a good friend, who is good at delivering speeches, to do the voice over for the couple. If the parents would like to be involved, it will be even more interesting for the parents to do the voice over. This will make the wedding more memorable to the guests, as well as to both the couple and their parents.

Another good way to make a special wedding slide show is to make the show a story. The couple can firstly think of a story and then show the photos in this “story”. This way of making the wedding slide show is in fact less common. However, it can deliver a quality like a movie and it can be sure that it will be very romantic and memorable. This will impress the guests very much.

One example of this will be a story like a fairy tale. Say, we imagine that the couple is eighty years old and then they start to talk about what they “did” in the past. This includes how they met and what they did in childhood. Then they start talk about their wedding, and this will mark the beginning of their wedding ceremony.

To make this kind of wedding slide show, the service provider may need to take a short video of the couple. For the above example, they may need to take a video in a park. The couple is sitting on a bench and do some make up such that they look like an old couple in their eighties. A good communication between the service provider and the couple will be extremely essential.

In a nutshell, a wedding Slide show is a very good entertainment to the guests in a wedding. It can heat up the atmosphere of the wedding and it makes the wedding more enjoyable. A special and unique show will make the wedding even more memorable, romantic and interesting. The only rule to make the show special is sincere and imaginations. If the couple really wants to tell their story with the greatest sincere, and tries to combine this with their imagination, the wedding slide show should become the most unique one in the world.

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