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How Castors Can Help Restore Old Furniture

Castors are pretty much everywhere today, both in homes and businesses where they make so many jobs large and small so much faster and easier to accomplish. Particularly tasks that involve lifting or transport, having a set of castors underneath the load means that instead having to lift and carry it, it gets pushed, pulled or motored along. So they save time, effort and they also function to raise the safety level when it comes transporting not just heavy loads but also those that involve the handling of dangerous materials.

So then what about restoring old furniture? Can they be used to make that type of job easier and perhaps a little bit safer? Not only can they but they are being regularly put to work in the furniture refinishing industry, even as you read this.

Now if you don’t have at least one piece of furniture in your home that’s sitting on them then you’re in the minority today. They’ve become that common, not just in homes but also in offices too, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble to make the castor furniture connection your head.

Even so, when it comes to restoring perhaps a little explaining will help you visualize where they come in there. For starters just because a large piece is being restored doesn’t mean that it gets any lighter. Also in most cases the fixed castors on the bottom of, say a large table or sofa have to be removed for full access during the stripping and refinishing process. So of course a cart or trolley on wheels is a perfect temporary fit for moving the peace around as the work is being done on it. Jacking castors also come in real handy for lifting.

Then because the chemicals that are used in furniture stripping and refinishing are too toxic for human contact, even handling small light pieces can be a problem. Here castors again come in handy to expedite the task by making it safer; safer for workers who work full-time in the industry who can’t risk even minimal contact on a regular basis.

They also have a role to play in making so much of the heavy equipment that’s used in the furniture refinishing shop more mobile. Large compressors, vacuum’s, lathes and heavy table saws now ride on them, not just easier to move but also more useful as well. Then particularly when it comes to older pieces that are being redone, brand-new modern castors quite often become part of the restoration process. Older pieces that may already have older outdated or worn-out styles on them or as is most often the case, pieces that have never been fitted with them that are sent out the door riding on a brand new set after all the work has been completed.

Then if you were to look beyond the actual hands-on work that goes into restoring a piece of older furniture, further on to the places where so many of the materials that the artisans use are produced you’ll find even more castors. This is because they’re now used almost everywhere in industry and this is why so many products like furniture stripper and varnish are as affordable as they are.

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