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How Cosmetic Surgeons Work to Improve Your Looks

When we think of surgeons we naturally think of special doctors who work in an operating theatre at a hospital performing life saving surgery on their patients. But cosmetic surgeons are a little different. They may perform many operations on patients, but not all are considered a matter of life or death. Often they work to restore the features of people who have been injured in some kind of accident or perhaps even born with some kind of facial defect such as a birthmark or hare lip.

However, many operations performed by these surgeons are what is known as cosmetic surgery that is elective. That is, the patient has chosen to have it to improve their looks, but they could still have a reasonably good life without the operation. Of course, everyone’s problems are different and some patients may feel that their problem is having such a negative impact on their life that they could not be happy without it. This is often a matter of attitude.

However, doctors who practice cosmetic surgery often work in special skin clinics rather than in general hospitals. They may do small day surgery operations or other types of treatments that are designed to improve people’s looks. Plastic surgery can be to alter a person’s looks because they are not satisfied with their face or with their body shape. Or it can be for some more important reason such as reconstruction after accidental injury. Larger operations are done in hospitals; smaller ones are often done in a clinic.

Their work also includes such procedures as removing birth marks with laser treatment or administering dermal fillers to remove wrinkles in the face or lips. It can include things like liposuction to remove fatty deposits or more comprehensive operations such as augmentation mammoplasty (breast enlargement) or reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction).

To some people crows’ feet are a fact of life that happens when you get older and they take little notice of it occurring. To others, getting such fine wrinkles at the outer corners of their eyes is something to be dreaded. Some people work in fields where their face has to look as beautiful as possible. Singers, actors and people who work on television or even in resorts all need to keep their faces as wrinkle free as possible.

All such people will usually come to a skin clinic to have their wrinkles assessed and treated either with Botox injections, microdermabrasion, fillers or some other kind of treatment as the doctor advises.

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