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How Do Gaming Laptops Differ From Normal Laptops?

Gaming on a laptop is gaining enormous appeal which is why the top computer manufacturers are now making gaming laptops. When looking for a laptop for gaming, many people are not sure why they should get a specific gaming laptop instead of a normal laptop. There are important differences between gaming laptops and normal laptops so if you are looking for a good laptop to play games, it is important to understand how gaming laptops differ from normal laptops.

A laptop designed for gaming has many important differences that are lacking in a normal laptop. Gaming laptops are equipped with a high performance graphics card from ATI or Nvidia. The reason they have a high performance graphic card is that this card delivers dedicated video memory for running graphic intensive games. When you play your games on a gaming laptop, you will enjoy high performance and function so you will not have to deal with any display problems. Normal laptops do not have the dedicated video memory like the gaming laptop because most normal laptops on the market operate on integrated graphics cards such as Intel GMA. These are excellent integrated graphics cards however they do not give the performance and function needed for gaming, particularly when playing the 3D games.

The video card in a gaming laptop provides excellent imaging for landscapes, explosions, and other more advanced artistic graphics and images. The video card makes everything appear very real which enhances the gaming experience. Gaming laptops equipped with graphics card of 512MB, 1GB, and even 2GB are ideal for getting the full gaming experience. The professional gamer understands that the normal laptop just doesn’t cut it for playing 3D games and it is the gaming laptops that come equipped with the components needed to create the best gaming experience. In addition, with the gaming laptop, you can get dual core processors or quad core processors for powerful processing speed. As well, with the gaming laptop, you can get a laptop that has 4GB RAM or more.

To effectively play games on a gaming laptop, professional gamers know power and performance are essential. They look for such features as the kind of graphics cards, RAM, high processor speed, display screen resolution, and the size. In addition, it is important to look at such features as high performance speakers, high resolution web cam, battery life, USB slots, and microphone port. It is these features that separate the gaming laptop from the normal laptop. It is important to note that gaming laptops are heavier than the normal laptops. The gaming laptop will support all the latest games and give gamers the true gaming experience.

One of the best places to research and compare gaming laptops is from a trusted online laptop retailer. When you search online, you can compare features, functions, and prices. As well, shopping online is a great way to get a good deal on a quality gaming laptop. You will find a gaming laptop that gives you the true gaming experience.

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