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How Does the Cosmetic Injectable Restylane(R) Work?

Restylane(R) is a very good and increasingly popular dermal filler, chosen by many patients throughout the world. Next to Botox(R), Restylane(R) is the second-most-common injectable used in the United States. It works by plumping up creases under the skin, making it particularly well suited for use on the lower face. Restylane results tend to last up to 6 months, which is longer than some other fillers.

If you have lines on your face or around your lips that you want to see diminish, you may be a candidate for Restylane(R). It’s a great choice if you want to have fuller or more richly defined lips, and it’s also an excellent option to fill in deeper facial lines like nasolabial folds (those pesky crevices between your nose and the corners of your mouth).

Restylane is made of hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance that already exists in our bodies. Hyaluronic acid is water loving and keeps its shape by utilizing the moisture in your own body. It’s that ability to bind to water that helps provide longer lasting results, commonly lasting for about six months.

There are not many side effects related to this product although some redness and slight swelling usually occur immediately after injection. For example, Restylane injected in the lips tends to plump them up a lot in the first few days before settling into the targeted fullness. If your intention is to have fuller lips to enhance your attractiveness for some specific event, you should get your treatment done at least four or five days ahead of time.

Like other dermal fillers on the market, Restylane is administered by injection. Since the product can produce discomfort when injected, most doctors use a numbing cream or inject Lidocaine at the site of the injection before injecting Restylane.

A board certified dermatologist and/or plastic surgeon will be highly experienced in the use of Restylane, thus minimizing risk and assuring satisfaction with the outcome. Such physicians have a detailed knowledge of facial anatomy and their intensive training allows them to understand the many nuances of where and how much to inject for the desired result.

Note: The specific risks and the suitability of Restylane(R) Cosmetic for a given individual can be determined only at the time of consultation with a physician. All procedures have some degree of risk. The information provided here is not a substitute for a consultation.

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