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How effective are security seals in protecting luggage versus locks, plastic wrapping and cable ties?

A few things you need to know as a traveler using check in luggage:

1. Bag locks (including TSA locks) and cable ties do NOT work at all to protect luggage. They are practically useless. After all, your luggage is not a house, it has wheels and a zip, which means that the money you spend on locks is useless. Most locks can be defeated by using something as simple as a ballpoint pen. Let me be clear: that is opened and closed without a trace in seconds – meaning you’ll never know about it, until it is too late.

2. Wrapping your bag in plastic also does not work well. For a start, plastic wrapping can be replaced on your bag without you knowing about it. That leaves your suitcase vulnerable. It can also be rewrapped or even manipulated to conceal acts of theft and smuggling that go on in airports. Worse still, plastic wrap increases the chance your bag will be mishandled, and if so it means it will not arrive on time, as plastic wrap on baggage has a nasty history of being stuck in automatic baggage handling systems. Fact: Cling wrap is best left in the kitchen.

Now you know what doesn’t work. Now let us tell you about newer technology which gives you much better protection. Choosing a security seal that provides tamper evidence to keep your things safe and secure is the best travel tip you’re likely to find if you want a hassle free trip. There are a few options on the market, but only one has gone to the lengths of being trialed with positive results in some tough environments, such as Johannesburg South Africa – an airport with a well publicized history of baggage tampering issues. Securoseal tamper evident luggage seals. These seals protect your luggage and allow you to tell if tampering has occurred by providing irreversible tamper evidence. Most theft occurs as a crime of opportunity. The risk of detection is a powerful deterrent to a would be offender – the higher the risk of detection, the higher the risk of being caught. This is the key behind the effectiveness of tamper evident seals, and the very reason you should consider using them on your next trip.

These types of seals are convenient to use, light in weight and provide complete sealing of the main compartment of your luggage, unlike the usual locks. Securoseal’s security seal would be the best option to ensure the maximum safety of your luggage.

The advantages of this type of security seal are zip breach protection, reinforcement of the luggage via use of a high weight load bag strap, a cable tie to isolate zips, individual numbering of all components and a receipt for easy identification. The Securoseal security seal is also tough enough to survive the weight of the bag handling process, holding over maximum 2X check in weight.

The seal comes in a variety of quantities to meet your travel needs: a 2 pack, 4 pack and 6 packs, so all types of travelers can find an affordable solution for security and peace of mind. All these security seals packs are easily available online for travelers at an affordable price. When you think of how much the contents of your luggage is worth, not to mention the value of your personal security, it makes sense to travel prepared.

Remember, traditional locks and security measures for luggage can be easily breached and do not come as a complete solution to your luggage security. Watch this video to find out more.

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