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How Effective Is Glucosamine Sulfate At Relieving Arthritis?

Glucosamine is available in a few forms which are gulocamine sulphate and glucosamine hydrochloride. And where do these come from? They come from the hydrolysis of crustacean skeletons. They are both equally effective. I advise going for the sulphate form since this is the form that has gone through the majority of clinical trial testing. Consumers worried with sodium intake can use hydrochloride form.

The product’s purity and concentration are important considerations. Asia is the forerunner of what is a very sizable global glucosamine industry. Supplement manufacturers purchase varying concentrations of the product. The highest quality of glucosamine may not be used when producing a supplement that costs less. It’s important that you find a reputable company and to remember the saying about getting what you pay for.

Now the dosage needs to be appropriate, and by appropriate you should take a minimum of 1500 mg of pure glucosamine, which is an agreed upon dosage. A dosage of 2000 mg. daily is preferred. The product is fairly safe to use; there are very few side effects even at high doses. The only known drug interactions with glucosamine may occur if you are diabetic or if you are on anti-coagulant drugs. In this case, monitor the results or talk to your doctor before you begin. There shouldn’t be any but there are some circles who believe there are cases which disagree.

In the vast majority of products there is a formulation in a capsule,often a large capsule. The product tends to break down in to the liquid form over some time giving rise to the problem of stability with any liquid glucosamine formulation. Nevertheless this can be taken care of, by creating a powder form to be added to water in proportion to recommended dose when it is to be used. If finely ground and easily mixed, pure glucosamine is quite soluble. While the dry product in a capsule is only in the 20% area, the bio availability and effectiveness of the product enhances and increases in the liquid form. Also, it’s easier to ingest than a large capsule.

Last of all you need to consider very well regarding, what effect glucosamine will have if taken with other products because there is possibility that it will have a synergistic effect with many products. Chondrotitin is the most common natural product that helps relieve pain in the joints. Separately there is less benefit than the two together. This a case where the math doesn’t add up.. Omega 3, Collagen 2 and MSM work very well in synergy.

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