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How I carefully got released from my leasing contract early because of finding a new job

Once I settled in New York City, with a good apartment in a prime location I thought I would stay in this part of town for a while.

However this was about to change when I was offered the perfect job, on the other side of town I knew I had to move and more crucially break my lease.

There are many hazards when breaking a lease, however with the help of, I managed to break my lease efficiently.

The first time I settled in NYC, I lived in an apartment in Lower Manhattan virtually next door to my office. I was lucky that I didn’t have far to travel into work, and my apartment was in a good and safe neighbourhood. After being employed at my job for 12 months I started to look for new jobs, however I was unsuccessful so agreed to extend my lease for another 6 months.

Just before the holidays in winter last year I was called up by a company I had applied to after two interviews, I got the job and was delighted. However there were some disadvantages, my new office was in Upper East Side the other side of the New York City and ideally I needed to move.

After looking for apartments in that area of the city, I had my heart set on relocating to the Upper East Side. The location was perfect,all my friends lived there and it was a good neighbourhood and close to my office block. I found my dream apartment that overlooked Central Park, however I soon realised that I couldn’t move into or even put a deposit down on my new apartment without breaking my current lease, but how to do this I didn’t know where to begin.

I searched the internet endlessly for solutions, instead I found horror stories and accounts of bad encounters by other tenants that had broken their lease. I started to look up the rights I had, it is important to know the rights of tenants when breaking lease agreements, as you are aware of what you are or not eligible for. I arranged a meeting with my landlord to speak about issues further.

Because I was a good tenant and always on time with payments, my landlord allowed me to be released my from my lease six months early. It paid off to research my rights as it made me aware of what I was entitled to and how I could make the process easier. I helped my landlord to find a new tenant and paid my rent fully until then and within two months I was settled into my new apartment.

Lease relief can be difficult and occasionally a landlord can even refuse to break the contract. My best advice is to be a good tenant and to investigate and be aware of your rights.

Breaking lease – I’ve worked with a host of different finance systems and I’m very good at making calculations.I really enjoy numbers and have tried to get hold of as much experience as I can in a mixture of financial sectors. I want to bolster my existing skills and spend more time working in a team. I’m well placed to make any business shine and improve.